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6 Best Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Dogs are not only earnest, caring, and loyal, but they also show unconditional love for their owners. This is why they are referred to as a human’s best friend. For this purpose, it is only fair that pet parents treat their fur babies right. Moreover, an active lifestyle is good for both your pet and you. There are a lot of things that you, as a dog owner, can do to make your little pup happy.

Outdoor activities such as scratching, digging, chewing, and playing can reduce the destructive behaviors of an animal and also help doggies sleep better, strengthen their bond with their owner, and build their confidence. With daylight lasting longer in the summers and temperatures rising, you have all the reason to have some outdoor fun with your pooch. Here we have compiled a list of 6 outdoor activities that will keep the boredom away!


Camping can be a fun and exciting activity, not only for you but also for your four-legged best friend. Since canine companions love the Great Outdoors, your pet dog will be grateful to be able to experience the new smells and gorgeous sights during a camping trip you take it on. However, before you let your pet dog accompany you to your campsite, make sure to take all the necessary safety measures so that you and your pet animal can make the most of your camping venture.

Play Fetch

Since the game of fetch mimics the natural instincts of dogs to hunt prey and retrieve it, dogs love it! If you throw a ball that bounces in a predictable way, it might do no good. However, using dog toys with unusual bounces can help increase mental stimulation and engagement. A great way to do so is by introducing your pet dog to an advanced ball tossing machine.
These machines help automate fetch by using AC or battery-operated machines to shoot balls across a room. The latest options come with a wide range of unique settings that help make the game more fun for your furry friend. These launchers also offer various benefits, including having positive effects on the coordination, heart, and muscles of the dog. They can also help keep your best friend busy when you are not around to give them some much-needed company!

Convertible Ride

Dogs love to feel the wind blowing in their hair while they cruise down the highways as much as their owners! The usual pickup or coupe might get too boring too fast. Therefore, upgrade your road trip game by driving your pooch in a convertible. You can even accessorize your little friend with cool sunglasses and let them bask in the sun!

Scent Work

Dogs are sniffing creatures. They love to sniff anything and everything! Whether it is a questionable smell, a bad smell, or even a great smell – for your pup, each one deserves a lengthy and thorough inspection! If you want to play a fun game with your four-legged friend, challenge its curious nose to a game of scent work. It will not only provide great mental stimulation for your pet animal but will also be super fun for them. For a game of smell-and-seek, you can place several carton boxes throughout your backyard and place yummy dog treats in only some of them. Keep the lids of the boxes open.

Next, take your pup on a leash to explore your backyard. Once it detects its favorite treat, praise it calmly. Do not pet it as petting can easily distract your dog from the game. As your doggy keeps getting better at playing this fun game, you can start closing the lids of the boxes or hiding the boxes around the backyard to make scent work a little more challenging and exciting for your dog. This exercise can be quite exhausting; therefore, make sure to give your friend a break every now and then and give it access to clean, fresh water at all times. If you want to make the game more simple, you can simply leave out the treat in open bowls around the yard.


Dog owners who are athletically inclined can enjoy their workout sessions with their dogs as these four-legged creatures prove to be amazing running partners! However, you need to make sure that your pup’s health is intact, and it can take the stress that comes with jogging with ease. You also need to study the breed of your dog to know whether the temperament and type of your pet make it a suitable jogging partner or not. Before you start, make sure to consult a vet.

If you want to optimize your jogging experience, instead of using a regular leash that puts a lot of pressure on the pet parents’ arms, get a hands-free running leash that you can easily tie around your waist. This will enable you and your pup to have the best time on the running track!

Walking and Hiking

Like jogging, walking and hiking can also be a great exercise for dogs and their owners. As you walk together with your precious pooch, make sure to use a leash to keep your little one protected at all times. You need to keep your poodle close to you so that it doesn’t get lost in any unknown locations. Make sure to carry the necessary essentials before taking your dog on a hiking or walking trip, such as freshwater, dog food, and more. If you decide to take a stroll during the night time, carry a flashlight with you to make it easier for your pet dog to walk with you.

Bottom Line

Along with humans, dogs also need regular exercise to remain happy and healthy. If your dog is suffering from any sort of health condition, make sure to consult a vet before you take it outdoors to play!