Our Story

Our Journey

As a family with two boys and three dogs, outdoor living was and still is a major part of our life. From the early days of dating, we (Maria and Bobby) were camping at the river and parks. Once our sons (Robbie and Riley) came around, the camping extended to Boy Scout adventures, along with hikes in the Texas Hill Country, Rivers and the mountains of Colorado.

With our extensive travels to the beaches in America, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean Sea of Europe, we always saw the benefits of keeping our oceans clean; along with the benefits to humanity to increase our recycling efforts to mitigate the need for landfills on planet Earth.

Our Mission

To encourage awareness and to provide financial support for those who keep our parks, rivers and beaches clean for dogs and humans to enjoy for years. Five percent of purchases online and at our shoppe will be given to organizations that work to clean our environment of parks and oceans. We sincerely thank you for your support.

Our Vision

At Happy Breath, LLC (Happy Breath) we believe in an outdoorsy life with our beautiful dogs. Hiking, camping, and water fun during park and beach visits should be on everyone’s annual plans. We work hard to awaken the spirt of the outdoor life for human and canines together.

Happy Breath strives to bring you environmentally friendly dog stuff along with human hiking and camping gear to enhance those great trips on the outdoor adventures.

So whether you’re new to the outdoors with your dog or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll join us in being an activist to protect our parks and beaches on Earth.