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6 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Friends We All Need!

Dog Owner - Happy Breath

As dog owners, we know your dog is probably your best friend in the whole wide world. Always there to celebrate your joys, and more than ready to lend emotional support when you need it most. Yes, they have magical powers that let them know when you’re having a bad day.

Studies have shown that simply petting a dog, regardless of whether or not you’re a dog owner, is known to have profound effects on people. Among them, the most noticeable are that the heart rate slows down, muscles become relaxed, blood pressure lowers, and breathing becomes regular.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which your dog is going above and beyond to really earn that “man’s best friend” title.

Dogs are motivators

While all pets generally bring routine into people’s lives, dogs are especially great at this. All their whimpering, pleading with you to take out for a walk is not just great for them, but highly recommended for you too.

If your dog is never one to turn down an offer to go out, you should thank them. We don’t have to tell you that going out and getting some fresh air is beneficial in a number of ways. Even on the days when you’re tired, your dog can prove to be the fitness coach who simply doesn’t give up on you. Yes, we’re referring to all the time they yank at your pant leg.

They offer the best emotional support

In case you were looking for more reasons to love dogs, they’re extremely supportive in times of distress. Therapy programs that feature dogs have not only brought about amazing results, but they have now attained gold status when it comes to therapy. Individuals suffering on the mental health front also have the option of bringing home emotional support dogs.

They help reduce stress

As mentioned above, petting and even playing with dogs goes a long way to help you get rid of those pesky stress hormones. For those who have anxiety, it would be especially helpful to have positive dog energy surround them so they don’t find themselves constantly bogged down with negative feelings.

Dopamine and serotonin are two hormones that bring a lot of calm. Interacting with dogs elevates the levels of these hormones, making us feel happy, relaxed, and care-free. Oxytocin is released in the body, which is also associated with doing away with feelings of stress. Additionally, being around dogs is instrumental in bringing down levels of cortisol, which is the hormone that causes stress.

Dogs are great for overall well-being

Who doesn’t want a well-rounded life? Dogs have proven time and again that they are the perfect companions for people looking to have structure and balance in their lives.

Compared to non-owners, dog owners are physically fit, outdoorsy, more social and free-spirited. They even have more confidence and are far less likely to be lonely.

Apart from the aforementioned, because dogs are pets at the end of the day, they require care and attention. Owing to this, dog owners are also able to rake in the benefits of being caretakers. The responsibility of looking after someone else gives meaning to life.

They embrace mindfulness

Simply put, mindfulness is to live in the present moment. It is to let go of anything and everything that is in the past or future. The idea is to be grateful for the moment at hand, and to relieve the mind of unnecessary burdens. Because it is aided by deep breathing, mindfulness also helps energy flow better within the body.

Animals, especially pet dogs are the poster children for this concept. Think about it…these canines are always happy, always joyful. All they want is for you to be happy with them, and enjoy life by simply being. They couldn’t care less about what’s going on in the world, and truly know how to carpe diem!

Of course, dogs don’t have to go in to work or pay the bills, but the takeaway here is that every so often, we all need to disconnect from our respective realities and remind ourselves just how beautiful life can be without the worries of this world.

Dogs are support systems for children with autism, ADHD


Autism is a developmental condition which affects a child’s speech and body language, in addition to hampering their ability to be social.

They are also extremely sensitive to textures, smells, and sounds. Autistic children find solace in the familiar, and are completely thrown off when introduced to changes in routine, for instance.

Dogs have been found to especially help a lot of children overcome their apprehensions in social settings.


Neither autism nor ADHD are conditions that are not easy to live with. Getting a canine companion for a child diagnosed with ADHD can help regulate their energy levels significantly.

The child will end up following the same routine as their beloved pet, and partake in activities such as taking them for a walk, and bathing and feeding them. Not only will the child learn the meaning of responsibility, their energy will be utilized productively when they engage with their feisty pet dog.

Parents of children who have ADHD find it challenging to contain their bursts of energy, and want them to be able to concentrate more. The physical activity that comes with bringing a dog home will be especially useful in getting more oxygen to the brain, which plays a great role in doing so.

Suffice to say, dogs are magical creatures and we don’t deserve them. They help us in so many ways, it would be easy to lose count. For now, however, marvel at the reasons mentioned above, and consider adopting a mutt and giving them a loving home. You won’t be sorry!