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6 Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Dog

Outdoor Activities

All dogs crave adventure, regardless of their breed or size, and there’s no better time than summer to explore the outdoors with minimum risk involved. However, exposing your dog to a single activity, or taking them to a dog park is not exactly enough to keep them entertained. Hence, here we have seven great ideas for activities that you and your furry buddy can do together to avoid getting into a boring routine.

Go Hiking

Not many people think of taking their dog along on a hike, and sometimes for a good reason. They can be hard to manage, especially if it’s the first time they’ve ever embarked on a journey like this with you. However, once you’ve exposed them to the activity enough, it does end up becoming a healthy option for a unique outdoor adventure, especially during the summer season.

Make sure to bring all the essentials along, such as food, water, a poop bag, a sleeping bag, and of course, choose a spot with lots of shade, so your dog’s body isn’t overwhelmed by the heat. The key to making each hangout with your furry buddy unique is to keep adding a certain level of variety to it.

For example, avoid going to the same hiking trail each time or go take a jog in the local dog park. In the end, no matter what, always make a conscious effort to help your dog have the time of their lives every time you take them out.

Go Swimming at a Lake, Beach, or Pool

When it comes to outdoor activities, dog owners hardly consider swimming with their pets. Thankfully, there are a lot more facilities today than there were in the past, and it’s much easier to take your dog to the nearby pool, lake, or beach, given that these areas are dog-friendly.

Some towns also have “doggie swim days” set specifically for dogs at the local pools. However, again, your options are not only limited to a local dog-friendly pool. You can always consider options that don’t cost you an arm and a leg, such as beaches and lakes.

Make sure to follow all the safety precautions when you take your dog in open water, and don’t let them be on their own, especially if it’s their first time. If you’re planning to go on a boat, don’t forget to keep a doggie life jacket at all times. Also, make sure to do your research about any possible sources of bacteria that these waters can expose your dog to.

Renovate the Backyard

If you can’t access local pools, beaches, or lakes, it is possible to create somewhat of a similar experience for your dog right at the comfort of your home. After all, what are backyards for?

Set up an outdoor pool with a reasonable depth for your dog, or look for products online if you’re not sure about doing it from scratch. Some pools are also foldable and portable for easy storage, so it makes carrying them from one place to another much easier.

Again, it could be a great way to help your dog enjoy the thrill that comes with an outdoor adventure while being within the safe boundaries of the house. It also protects them from unexpected bacterial attacks that often come with, open and, exposed sources of water.

Go Biking Together

Of course, the idea isn’t to make your pup sit on a bike recklessly as you both seek some thrill on the roads. However, biking, if done right, can be one of the best outdoor experiences for you and your dog. Again, the right time to experiment with this activity should be summer, as you wouldn’t want your pup to catch a cold.

On the other hand, you may also want to make sure that you choose the right hour of the day, so your dog’s paws don’t get burned on the seat. Make sure to get all the safety gear before you hop on that bike and ride it away. Dogs can easily get overwhelmed and also have the tendency to act in a dangerous manner.

Unless you want them flying away or getting into a terrible accident, get all the safety gear to keep them  in their place as they enjoy the breeze while you ride. For smaller dogs, you can also get a travel bike basket that is readily available in different pet stores, and for added protection, you can also invest in boots for their paws and a hood for the basket to keep them in the shade.

Consider Camping Together

If you wish to take your hiking adventure to the next level, consider camping together with your furry mate. This way, both you and your dog will have a comfy spot to relax before you get on the move again. However, who’s to know if you even feel like getting out again?

A good camping experience with all the required necessities at hand can sometimes be good enough to make you want to stay in the same spot, even for days. However, make sure that the campground you’ve chosen is dog-friendly.

Cuddle Up Together For a Movie

Who says you can’t have a good movie night with your pet? Especially when the atmosphere outside is cool enough and just about right. Set up an outdoor tv or a projection screen, get some snacks for you and your pup, and relax while you enjoy a good movie together. Dogs actually find visual content appealing and can stay in one place easily under the right circumstances.

The Bottom Line

There is no limit to what kind of activities you can pursue with your dog. From biking and hiking, to camping, and enjoying a movie night, your dog can find a number of activities amusing.

However, you may want to make sure that they’re suited for rough and harsh outdoor adventures before you take them along. No matter what breed you own, speak to a veterinarian if you’re planning to pursue a unique outdoor adventure with your dog.