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7 Ways Your Family Can Help Clean Local Parks

Clean Local Parks

From peaceful morning walks to memorable family picnics, local parks have so much to offer. They are important to us, and we need to keep them clean. Cleanliness plays a vital role in keeping our parks pretty and appealing.

If your local park is starting to look a bit dirty and unkempt, here are 8 ways your family can help clean local parks.

8 Ways Your Family Can Help Clean Local Parks

Here are some ways your family can contribute greatly to cleaning local parks:

1. Clean Up The Trash

Parks are often among the high-traffic areas of any city or town. This means a lot of trash gathers there on a regular basis.
Picking up the trash is one of the most effective ways to help clean local parks, making a significant difference to the vibe and appearance of the park. In addition, this activity will also encourage others to do the same and keep our local parks pristine.

Ensure all your family members wear gloves to protect themselves while picking up the trash. Once you’ve picked up all the trash, make sure you dispose of it correctly. You can also contact your community’s trash services to pick up the trash once you’re done.

2. Plant Trees

If you want to add value to your local parks, planting trees can be a fitting way to do so. These trees will improve the air quality, and more greenery is always a welcome thing.

Before planting trees, make sure you research the trees suitable for planting in your area. You will also need to keep your city’s climate in mind while choosing these trees.

Once you’re done with this process, plant the trees in areas where they can add more value, for instance, besides ponds or around park benches or near the children’s playground area. You can also plant them in places where families like to picnic to help provide shelter and shade.

This way, you can keep your parks clean and appealing to people.

3. Fix Minor Repairs

Most minor repairs require inexpensive and easily available tools at your local hardware shop. However, some of these repairs may need a professional.

Start by taking note of things that need fixing and determine if your family can fix them. Once you’re done, divide these repairs between your family members and begin working. Remember, though, that you might not be able to fix everything, so don’t hesitate to call the professionals if you need to.

4. Use Trash and Recycling Containers

Every local park must have trash cans and recycling bins to encourage people to throw their trash in the right place instead of leaving it everywhere.

Placing more and more recycling bins in various high footfall areas (food stands or concession stands) of the parks can help keep them clean.

5. Avoid Smoking or Drinking in The Parks

If your family members want to contribute to cleaning local parks, they should avoid smoking or drinking in the parks. Cigarette butts and beer bottles are some of the most common items you’ll find strewn around these parks.

Public smoking and drinking are mostly prohibited, but you can emphasize this by making signs and setting them up in various easily visible places.

6. Raise Funds For The Parks

We often don’t notice that our local parks have less grass and trees than they should. You can address such issues and organize a fundraiser event in your community to get funds for local park projects.

Make sure you’re clear about what you want to do and then ask for money based on your requirements. This way, people will know what they’re donating toward.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

• Put an advertisement in local magazine or newspaper
• Post flyers around your local area
• Throw a party to get people excited about the project
• Create a blog, so you can inform people about your progress
• Post pictures (before and after shots) of your work

7. Paint the Playground

Painting the playground is another step your family can take to make your local park look clean and appealing.

Before starting, take some paint samples from existing equipment to your community’s health department to verify the paint is safe to use. If the paint contains harmful elements, you will have to strip the playground completely before repainting it.

Visit your community’s local hardware shop to know more about the paints suitable for the climate and the playground equipment.

8. Trim the Bushes

If your community’s local parks already have good structure and design, trimming the bushes can add tremendous value to their appearance while making them clean at the same time.

First, ask your family members to cut the grass and trim the overgrown shrubs and bushes. This will instantly make your park look attractive and fresh.

However, keep in mind that activities like these require permission from the relevant authorities. Make sure you wait for the green light before starting your project.

Besides trimming bushes, you can also plant flowers to add value to the playground areas. You can also take your cleanliness game to the next level by adding rows of shrubbery to the picnic spots.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s a memorable family outing, a yoga session in the morning, or a walk with your dog, parks serve us in multiple ways. That said, it’s unfortunate that sometimes, we cannot keep our parks clean. As a result, these parks become terrible places to spend time in.
If your family wants to contribute to cleaning local parks, they should follow the steps mentioned above, ensuring they play their part.