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Day Out with The Dog to Make A Real Difference

Day Out with The Dog - Happy Breath

Most of us should have two goals in life: have the time of our lives and save the world. Well, what if you could do both simultaneously?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must know that climate change is an emergency now. The planet does not have long before it starts buckling under the weight of all the pollution and destruction that humans have put it through. What most people fail to realize is that there is no one coming to save us. There is no other planet out there that we can move to once we have completely and irrevocably damaged this one. We have to be our own saviors. We have to look out for our planet. We have to protect it with all our lives because all our lives depend on it.

You don’t need to do anything grand to play your part. Gather your friends on the weekend, put the leash on your dog, and go save the world.

Go to the Beaches

Beaches are a great place to start, perhaps because they are one of the most affected places. You can see the plastic wrappers, fishing nets, and other rubbish floating on the surface of the ocean. The shore is cluttered with beer bottles, plastic shoppers, discarded clothes, toys, cigarette butts, and anything else you can imagine. Everything under the sun is now at full display at our beaches. Trash has taken up so much of the coastline that you can probably spot more trash than beachgoers now. The trash is not only ruining the aesthetic beauty of our beaches but is deadly for the ocean life and fish, which are all part of our food chains as well.

You and your friends can go out to the beach and clean it up on your own. You can make a fun little activity out of it and even get your dog to help out. If all of us started cleaning up little portions like that, there would be more clean shores and beaches for us to enjoy.

Go to the Mountains

Dogs love hiking, and so do your friends. Don on your caps and backpacks and put some smores for a bonfire at the top of the trail. The mountains are no cleaner than the beaches. There is rubbish strewn around at the highest points of the mountains. They are eyesores and completely ruin the feel and beauty of the majestic mountains. You and your friends can change that, though. You can equip yourself with large bags and pick up any trash you find along the way. Your doggy can help you by pointing out what places to look in and even bringing you trash that is easy for him to pick up.

You can reward yourself with a big bonfire cookout at the top. Trust us, your food will only taste better after knowing what a monumental task you have done and that you have directly helped make the earth a better, cleaner place.

Go to the Parks

One of your dog’s favorite places has got to be the park. And though parks are still very much there, it makes you sad to look at the state they are in. People carelessly throw plastic bags, burger boxes, and their dog’s poop on the ground, assuming that there will always be someone else coming to clean up after them. Why should someone else clean up your mess? It is your job, first and foremost, to not litter and clutter a public place. Without the right education and awareness, these people will never learn.

The next time you and your dog go to a dog park or meet up with a friend with their own dogs for a playdate, make sure to designate some time to cleaning up the park a bit. Pick up any trash that you see lying around and help the people who labor away to keep our parks, our neighborhoods, and our streets clean. It will take almost no time for you, and the sense of pleasure you will feel after doing the right thing will be unparalleled. You can even train your dog to make a game out of it. For example, you treat him for every little plastic wrapper he picks up and throws in the bin, or you both race to the bin together to throw the trash in.

There’s nothing we can’t do if we band together and really try to bring a change. Humankind has been destroying the planet for centuries, but it is high time that we stop the chain. It’s miraculous what can happen with just a few high-spirited people coming together to save the planet along with their cute little doggies. You might be on an important mission, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. Saving the planet is not boring at all, especially if you have your furry best friend tagging along by your side. Save the world with your dog.

Along with lending a hand, we must also donate to organizations that are working round the clock to buy us more time on the time. Financial assistance is the least we can provide, and even a few dollars from you could make a huge impact somewhere. These superheroes who are cleaning up the oceans and the lands and setting right what we had done wrong need all the love, support, and help they can get. The onus of saving our only planet is not on them alone; it is on all of us. Donate and do your part.