Top 5 Mountain Adventures

Top 5 Mountain Adventures

Mountains always offer epic and awe-inspiring adventure playgrounds packed with the beauty of nature. From hiking to high-altitude mountaineering, there are plenty of great mountain activities that you can enjoy. However, some mountain adventures may be too challenging and require expert training and skill. You can enjoy these activities while More »

7 Ways Your Family Can Help Clean Local Parks

From peaceful morning walks to memorable family picnics, local parks have so much to offer. They are important to us, and we need to keep them clean. Cleanliness plays a vital role in keeping our parks pretty and appealing. If your local park is starting to look a bit dirty More »

Best Nutrition Practices for Hiking

With spring and summer on their way, you might be excited about your next outdoor adventure. However, there are some points to keep in mind before starting your hiking journey. One of them is bringing nutrient-rich food along with you. Though it’s vital to bring food, you need be careful More »

Saving Urban Rivers: The Recent Conundrum?

If you’re a history buff or have even passing knowledge of how human civilization came into being, one commonality you’d find across the different ages would be water. Whether Indus or Mayan, ancient civilizations formed colonies in places where they had access to fresh water. Naturally, most booming colonies were More »

8 Best River Cleanup Initiatives around the World

Rivers are vital for our daily lives, providing us with drinking water and food to eat. However, once pristine, our rivers are now becoming polluted every day. This is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Many organizations have taken remarkable river cleanup initiatives worldwide to More »

5 Reasons You Must Avoid Dog Parks

Your local dog park may have everything your dog needs. From having a decent space to roam around to making friends with other dogs, it may just be your pet’s safe haven – at least in theory. However, facilitating socialization is not the only thing dog parks allow. When it More »

6 Things You May Not Know About Rabies

There’s a great deal of misinformation we come across on a daily basis about nature as well as transmission of rabies on mainstream media. We often see creatures being portrayed as monstrous and dangerous with bloodshot eyes and foam forming around the mouth. At the same time, their harmless and More »

6 Reasons Your Dog is Gaining Weight

A fluffy dog is one of the cutest sights ever. However, if you find that your dog is becoming bigger by the day and is gaining weight, do not dismiss it. In fact, you need to pay attention to your dog’s weight and health, which could indicate that something is More »

Dog Breeds That Have German Origin

Many famous dog breeds have originated from Germany. The German Shephard is a given, but did you know many modern-dayfavorite dog breeds can also be traced back to Germany? These breeds include Rottweilers, Dobermans, Great Danes and Dachshunds. The German Spitz breed also originated from Germany, and many other well-known More »

10 Interesting Facts About Hiking

Whether you’re an amateur or have been hitting the trail for years, these ten interesting hiking facts will have something for you to be inspired and surprised by. However, before we go on, here’s an interesting quote that best describes the activity. “Happiness and hiking often go hand in hand More »

7 Reasons Why Hiking With Small Dogs Is Better

By now, you may have read quite a handful of articles that tell you how hiking is only suitable for some dog breeds and not the others. You may also have noticed a pattern in them. Most of those dogs are big. Dogs like Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds, and Rhodesian More »

Here’s Why You Need to Organize a Community Clean-Up

Our neighborhoods are an essential part of our life within our communities, from the parks and streets to the residential and commercial areas. Keeping them clean is one way of preserving the very neighborhoods where we spend a significant part of our lives – and community-wide clean-ups are one way More »

Environmental Allergies In Dogs

Have you ever noticed how your pup starts behaving differently as soon as summer and spring seasons arrive? From itching to licking and scratching, they may present themselves with various reactions as a result of high pollen concentration in the air. If you’re a pet owner concerned about the onset More »

Hiking With Dogs: 6 Breeds That Make Great Trail Partners

All dogs yearn for adventure, yet not many are physically suited for them. Hence, if you’re looking for a perfect four-legged partner to hit the trail, you must assess how capable your little pup is to deal with the physical challenges brought about by hiking. However, to make the process More »

Things to Consider Before Taking Your Dog Swimming

If you’re a dog owner, it may no longer surprise you that your pet will not hesitate before dunking their head even in the dirtiest puddle. However, they’ll have a hard time taking a bath to clean that muck off. There’s no sure way to understand why dogs don’t seem More »

Your Personal Guide to Hygiene When Hiking and Camping

Hygiene When Camping | If you’ve just stepped into the world of camping and hiking, then there’s a lot you need to learn, especially about maintaining cleanliness. Sometimes, it’s possible not to pay much heed to the rules and get carried away while being involved in either activity. However, as More »