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Beach Day with Your Dog – The Essential Dos and Don’ts

Beach Day with Your Dog - Happy Breath

Beach Day with Your Dog | As summer comes around and more people start taking their beloved dogs to the beach, you definitely wouldn’t want your furry friend to miss out on all the fun. Just like humans, dogs love a good day at the beach as it provides them with plenty of room to run around, cool water to swim in, and lots of cool new pups to meet.

However, to ensure that you, your dog, and everyone else at the beach has a safe and joyous day at the beach, there are some basic dos and don’ts you will have to abide by. The last thing you want is for your dog to cause problems for other people and their pets while they are trying to enjoy their beach day.

This article will provide you with 7 essential aspects of taking your dog to the beach and what you should and should not do in each one. By the end, you will have a much better idea of how to ensure a safe and joyous beach day with your beloved canine companion.

1. Dog Beach Rules

As you probably know, there is no use trying to take your dog to a beach where they aren’t allowed. However, even dog beaches have various rules that you will have to abide by. Some beaches are very strict about leashes, while rules about picking up your dog’s poop are also very common.

You will also need to take your dog’s vaccination documents along with you if the beach authorities ask for them. All in all, when it comes to dog beach rules, we can learn two things:

Do: Carefully read and follow the beach rules

Don’t: Ignore, neglect, or disregard the rules of the dog beach

2. Adequate Training

If your dog is untrained to be in public spaces, you probably should not be considering taking them to the beach in the first place. This could make your dog too excitable and even aggressive, which in turn could cause many problems for other people at the beach.

If you are considering taking your dog to the beach, make sure that they respond and listen to certain commands, and know that it’s not good to disturb others. So when it comes to adequate training, here are the simple dos and don’ts.

Do: Train your dog to understand basic commands and not disturb strangers in public areas

Don’t: Take your dog to the beach without adequate training

3. Sun Protection

If you think dogs don’t get sunburnt at the beach because of their fur coat, you may have to think again. Dogs with thin and light-colored fur can easily get sunburnt, and most dogs will get burnt on their noses and ears if they spent too much time under the sun.

Moreover, on a hot day, your dog could burn the sensitive undersides of its paws against the hot sand. Therefore, making sure you provide your dog with adequate sun protection during your day at the beach is necessary for the safety of your furry friend.

Do: Use sunscreen specially made for dogs

Don’t: Let your dog be exposed to the sun for too long

Do: invest in dog booties to protect your pet’s paws

Don’t: Let your dog walk around on hot sand for too long

4. Dehydration

As you know, the harsh sun at the beach can leave both humans and dogs feeling dehydrated. If your dog has been running around in the sun for some time, it will need a place to cool down and drink clean water (rather than salty water, which will only make it more dehydrated).
Regarding keeping your dog hydrated during your day at the beach, here are the essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do: Bring your dog’s water bowl along with you, so it knows where to go if it is feeling thirsty.

Don’t: Let your dog drink salty seawater

Do: Let your dog take a break from playing and running

Don’t: Let your dog run around in the sun for too long

5. Shade

When people go to the beach, one of the first things they do is set up a shady spot for themselves. However, since people can sweat when they feel too hot, these shady spots are nothing more than a comfortable luxury.

For dogs, however, who cannot sweat to cool themselves down, a shaded area during a hot day is not a luxury but a necessity. After all that exposure to the sun and running around, your dog will need a place where it can take cover from the sun and cool down. Else, your furry friend may start overheating and could even become ill.

Do: Set up a shaded area where your dog can come and cool off when it needs to

Don’t: Let your dog run around in the sun for too long

6. Dangerous Items

There is no shortage of dangerous items that could be found hidden beneath the sand at the beach. Items including rubbish, pieces of glass, hooks, rocks, and coral all pose a threat to your dog’s safety if it happens to step on them or put one of these items in their mouth.

Hence you will want to make sure of the following:

Do: Watch your dog’s activity, especially if they start digging and putting things in their mouth

Don’t: let your dog run around completely unattended

7. Dog Poop

Most public spaces that allow dogs also enforce poop-picking policies. The beach is no different. Aside from being part of the law, picking up after your dog is public decency and promotes a clean and hygienic environment.

Do: Bring a waste bag with you and pick up your dog’s poop

Don’t: Leave your dog’s poop lying around for someone else to pick up


The beach is the perfect place for your dog to have the time of their life running around, swimming, and meeting other dogs. While beach day with your dog does come with some potential dangers, these can easily be avoided if you keep them in mind.
During your next beach day with your dog, make sure you are mindful of the public space, environment, and doggy’s health and safety. By doing so, we are sure you and your dog will have a great trip on your next beach day.