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Packing for a Day at the Beach with Your Dog

Beach with Your Dog - Happy Breath

A day at the beach is a delight to humans and dogs alike. If you and your furry best friend are going together, that’s double the joy. Here’s what you should take along to make it a nice and comfortable day for your dog.

Food and Snacks

Of course, your dog cannot have fun while on an empty stomach! Running and playing around is sure to build up your dog’s appetite as he will be burning so much energy. You must always pack sufficient food so your dog can keep himself nourished during his trip to the beach. Pack some light treats as snacks and give it to him from time to time.

If you plan on staying for long, pack a meal for him too. Wet food is difficult to carry, so dry food or kibble will be the best to pack. Your dog can have double the fun while on a full stomach and make the most out of his beach day.

Drinking Water

Be sure to pack a bunch of bottled waters, for yourself as well as your dog. Playing in the sun can make your dog extremely dehydrated, and he must have sips of water from time to time to keep him hydrated and healthy. Pack a water bowl as well in which you can offer him water. Neither you nor your dog can drink the salty water of the ocean, and it will make him very sick if he has to, so don’t let it come to that.


Even on a dog-friendly beach, the leash is extremely important. Dogs tend to get overexcited around other people, other dogs and the sight of the ocean. You must keep him under control at all times, so he does not end up hurting someone or himself by accident. There are other people on a beach who are there to enjoy a lazy, peaceful afternoon, and they might not appreciate your dig being chaotic and ruining their day. Thus, keep him on a leash, and stay on your guard.

Collar and ID

A collar and ID should always be on your dog when they two of you step out of the house, but they are all the more important when you are going to the beach. It is easy to lose your dog in a crowd, get distracted while having your own fun, and lose sight of your dog as he wanders off. In case any such scenario arises, the collar and ID tag can save your dog from being separated from you indefinitely.

A kind stranger may intercept the lost dog and call you to inform you about your dog’s whereabouts. The ID tag must have your name, your dog’s name, your contact number and address listed clearly so people can reach out to you.

Canine Sunscreen

Do you know there are canine sunscreens available in the market too? While you slather some sunscreen on your back, make sure to do it for your dog as well. Some species of dogs are prone to getting sunburned, and it is necessary that they be treated to some specially formulated canine sunscreen, so their day in the sun does not make them suffer later. Dab it on the tips of your doggy’s ears and on his paws so he can play comfortably in the sun too.


While the sunscreen will help your doggy with the sunburn, it is also necessary to provide some shade and respite from the sunlight alongside. Pack a portable umbrella that you can erect at the beach, where your dog can lounge underneath it, away from the harsh glare of the sunlight. Though it feels nice to be in the sun, excess and prolonged exposure to it can make your dog dehydrated, sunburned and fatigued. The umbrella can provide him with a cool spot to sit in after he is done playing.

Beach Toys

What trip to the beach is complete without beach toys? The beach can be your dog’s play area with the right toys. You can pack a ball, a frisbee, as well as some floating toys that can keep your dog busy, entertained and occupied. You can play with your dog on the sandy shore or go swimming with him in the ocean. Whatever you do, with the right beach toys, you can spend some quality time playing and bonding with your dog.

Waste Bags

We must not forget our manners when we go to the beach. Always pack and prepare to clean up after your dog on the beach. Make sure to keep an eye on him, and whenever nature calls, pick up after your dog. If all of us collectively try to keep our beaches clean and clean up after ourselves, we will have cleaner, greener beaches. Try to get waste bags that are made of sustainable and recyclable materials, so it doesn’t harm the environment as much either. Keep the beach as clean as you would your house.


Doesn’t your dog look adorable sitting serenely by the ocean or shaking off the seawater from his fur after a swim in the ocean? If you want to immortalize the moment and forever have a reminder of this precious day on the beach with your dog, take out your camera and click some photos. You can put them up on your social media or print them out and frame them in the house.

The beaches are a source of joy to our dogs and us. Let’s not ruin them by being reckless and irresponsible with our lifestyle and choices. If all of us do our part and join hands with the organizations that are fighting to keep our planet safe, we will be leaving behind a far better planet for the future.