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How Man’s Best Friend Is Saving the World

Man’s best friend - Happy Breath

Man’s best friend is a pretty apt sobriquet for dogs. This title is not just a whimsical show of reverence for these well-loved pets. Canines are indeed serving humanity in many ways not the least of which is by saving lives.

By now, you may have heard an untold number of stories where smart dogs rescued owners who were in deep jeopardy or badly injured and at risk of dying.

You should know how dogs save lives. Here are the details.

Saving Epileptics

Seizures can be extremely dangerous for those unfortunate enough to suffer from this terribly painful medical condition. While certain episodes can end without too much harm, the same cannot be said for all such agonizing events.

Seizures can cause sufferers to fall over and badly injure themselves. They may endure bone fractures and even mortal dangers like burning or electrocution.

Epilepsy during sleep can be lethal. It is necessary to turn over epileptics on the other side to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Seizure assistance dogs can save the lives of epilepsy victims. These dogs are trained to bark when epileptics suffer a seizure episode.

Hence, with their trusty pooches at the forefront, epileptic patients can live without fear knowing that their canines are always there to help.

More Relaxation

Canines can extend the lifespan of their pet parents in so many different ways. They can even help pet parents to ward off certain diseases or at least reduce the risk of developing an illness.

It is well known that pets have a soothing effect on owners. More relaxation can mean lower stress which is the root cause of many diseases.

Pet parents know how relaxing it feels to pet their dogs after a hard stressful day.

That all sounds quite nice in theory but what does the science say?

One NIH study reported that pet parents may have a lower risk of cardiovascular illness. This is extremely reassuring since cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer in the US.

More Exercise

What’s more, canines can actually get their owners to exercise. Owners have to get off the couch and move around when it is time to walk the dog or play with it. This can do wonders for your health.

According to Michigan State University, around half of all pet parents routinely exercise half an hour each day thanks to their pooches. This meets the 150-minute exercise guideline that the CDC recommends for staying healthy.

There are more studies around the world that show that pet parents get more exercise than those without dogs. Another study from Australia found that dog owners on average walk half an hour longer than people without dogs.

Fewer Doctor Visits

Do you know that keeping a dog means fewer doctor visits? That should not come as a surprise after reading about how dogs boost relaxation and motivate you to stop warming the couch.

But are there studies to back up this claim? The Australian Social Monitor reports that dog owners enjoy 15% fewer doctor visits as compared to those without dogs.

This is great news for pet parents since keeping a furry friend means better health and more money saved that would otherwise go to your health professional.

The dog-deprived should take heed.

Furry Friends Can Banish Depression

According to the WHO, depression is the number one cause of disability worldwide. As depressing as it sounds, as many as a quarter of a billion people worldwide are battling depression.

Around 800,000 people commit suicide each year and depression is the leading cause of suicide. Depression is not just a transient spell of bad mood. Victims are in a state of melancholy most of the time, and they suffer from low energy, lower quality of life, and other serious health conditions. Thus, depression can lead to suicidal thoughts.

The numbers are no doubt harrowing.

But you can take heart knowing that furry friends can help us to prevail over depression.

Studies indicate that dogs can help to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress in human beings. Dogs can help you to better cope with loneliness.

Just the simple act of playing with your dog can amp up your dopamine and oxytocin – feel-good hormones that can reduce depression.

Studies show that dog owners have lower rates of heart disease and less blood pressure as compared to those who live without a furry friend.

Saving Lives Worldwide

Quite frequently, you will find that canines steal the thunder with their life-saving heroics. They don’t wear red capes, but furry fuzzy pooches are certainly imbued with the spirit of greatness.

Time and again dogs have made headlines around the world for saving countless lives from burning buildings, accidents, mishaps, and other life-threatening situations. Thousands of people around the world owe their lives to the thoughtfulness of four-legged pets.

Believe it or not, one smart dog saved her owner by dragging him to his cellphone after he fell down and badly injured himself from a stroke.

According to the owner, the dog never left him when he was helpless, alone, and at grave risk of dying following the stroke. Not only did she pull him towards the cellphone, but she also licked her owner constantly which prevented him from falling unconscious – that would have surely killed him for he would not be able to call for help.

The owner did the fluffy canine a favor by taking her home from a dog shelter. The dog in turn returned the compliment by saving the man’s life. What a way to return a favor.

Tell this tale to anyone who thinks that dogs aren’t way smarter (and sweeter!) than what we think.

From these inspiring stories of canine valor and greatness, we should realize that your dog may be as valuable, if not better, than the life insurance policy. For time and again, dogs have saved the most valuable and priceless thing that no amount of life insurance benefits can ever bring back – the human life.

You now know better about how dogs save lives.