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The Superheroes Who Are Saving the Earth

Saving the Earth - Happy Breath

Saving the Earth:  Barbecuing on the beach and leaving behind the six-pack when returning home? Flicking a cigarette butt on the sand? Leaving behind empty sunscreen bottles and soda cans? There are so many ways you, me and everyone around us are damaging our beaches, our rivers, our mountains, our neighborhoods and our environment. It has become such a habit to us that we don’t even realize we are doing it. We might not even think of ourselves as careless citizens who are directly contributing to environmental degradation and pollution. We are living in our own delusional bubbles because there are people who are correcting our mistakes behind us, people who are picking up and cleaning up after us, people who are working round the clock to reverse the harm that we are inflicting on our beautiful planet.

The Superheroes who are saving the planet

The reason you and I have the luxury of forgetting the global environmental tragedy is because of people who are working to save the earth and reverse the damage. They work tirelessly in cleaning up our oceans, our rivers, and our mountains. They ensure that we still get to visit beautiful, impeccably clean beaches, and hike up mountains that look and feel as natural as ever. They work hard so that we can have safe places to go out and enjoy, so that our natural treasures are preserved, and our ecosystems remain undamaged and undisturbed. They try as best as they can to prolong the life of our planet.

But they hardly get any recognition or appreciation. Most of us are entirely unaware of the work they do and who they are. Even though they deserve all the applause they can get, we barely know of any. There are NGOs, and non-profit organizations that are working for this planet. Though they do not care much for awards and applause, because the work they are doing is essential to our survival and they don’t need our appreciation for them to continue, we need to realize what they are doing for us.

The onus of saving the planet is not on them; it’s on everybody. Every single person who lives on the planet has a responsibility towards it. But we conveniently choose to ignore it and leave the dirty work over to others. Unless we realize and appreciate what these superheroes do for us, we will never be inspired to change.

We can be Superheroes too!

Though these superheroes deserve all our respect and admiration, we must always remember that we can be superheroes in our own right as well. We can take up the noble cause that they are working towards and make a difference too. By adopting more environmentally friendly practices in life, and by being more careful citizens, we can not only make their work easier, but also directly contribute to the good work that they are doing.

Here are just some of the things that we can do to be no less than superheroes too.

Arrange a Beach Cleanup

The superheroes are cleaning up the oceans, why don’t you take over the cleanup of the beaches? Arrange regular beach cleanups with your mates, neighbors and other residents of the town. If we take these beach clean-ups into our own hands, we might have perfectly clean beaches to go and it won’t even take so much work when it is a collective effort. Not to mention all the fun you could have when doing a beach cleanup together.

Recycle Materials

Use the recycle bins placed around town. Sort out your trash into recyclable and non-recyclable trash and discard of it responsibly. If we start recycling more, we will no longer have to produce so much material from scratch and would be saving up on energy and resources too. So many recyclable things make their way to the trash because we are too unaware or too irresponsible to do the work.

Minimize Plastic Usage

Aah, the notorious plastic again. If only this one material didn’t exist today a lot of our environmental problems may not have been born. The majority of our landfills comprise of plastic products, and we know for a fact that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Minimize or completely eliminate plastic from your lives and use better, more sustainable alternatives. Trust us, it is possible!

Be Not Wasteful

Only buy and consume what you need. Excessive consumption from our side leads the corporations and industries to produce more and more, using up more precious energy sources, mass producing more things than the world will need which will eventually become trash in landfills. We must keep our buying and consumption habits in check for it is one of the easiest ways we can help the earth. Do not waste anything; once an item ceases to be of use to you, pass it on to someone who might need it instead of tossing it in the bin.

Do not litter

We all learned this as a kid but somehow unlearned it over the years. Littering is a terrible habit, and we must all be overly conscious of the trash we leave behind in public spaces. We must always pick up our own trash and discard it in the bin responsibly like a good citizen.

Apart from doing all of that, one way you can help the NGOs and organizations that cleaning our oceans and our lands is through monetary donations. These organizations do not do this for any personal gains and are thus run on the basis of donations by people who care about the environment too. Often these organizations are understaffed and have low resources. Each penny you donate can be priceless to them and can help the planet in more ways than you can comprehend.

Open your heart and donate generously to these organizations as our lives literally depend on the work they are doing. If not for them, we might have been living on a very different planet. If not for them, we might not have had much time on this planet anymore. The future depends on us.