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What can dogs teach you about the world?

Lessons from a dog - Happy Breath

Lessons from a dog: Dogs are precious creatures and bring infinite joy into the world and our lives. They change many of our lives for the better, helping us see things more clearly ad acknowledging all the good we have in our lives, and opening up our hearts to love and acceptance.

Though we may be the more intelligent beings, dogs can actually teach us a few things in life that are worth learning. Their attitude towards life is worth being inspired by, and maybe all of us should be looking at our dogs and picking up a few things from them. Here are all the lessons that were inspired by dogs to us.

Love without Boundaries

A dog’s love knows no bounds. Dogs love without hesitation, without boundaries, without conditions. That kind of love is hard to find in a selfish world like ours. Many of us humans only love conditionally, and only try to seek our own happiness in the relationships we build. Dogs, on the other hand, love so fully that nothing beyond the object of their love is important to them.

Dogs take whatever love you give them and multiply it by a thousand before giving it back to you, which makes them such good companions to keep around. Be sure that you will never feel alone as long as you have a dog by your side. We must learn to love the same way; fully and truly. We must absorb the love from the world and give it back tenfold. With such love around, nobody need ever be unhappy.


Dogs are extremely disciplined and principled creatures. It might take time for you to teach them something, but once they learn the behavior, you will never see them deviating from it (unless there are other issues). Dogs build healthy routines of waking and sleeping, of eating and of exercising. Of course, they need our help in building up habits.

Disciple is one of the most important things in life, and a sure shot ingredient in the recipe for success. If we too adopt the same discipline in life, we might achieve so much more than we thought ourselves capable of.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is mandatory for both humans and dogs, but dogs definitely take the win here. How many of us actually take the time out of our busy schedules to go for a run or a walk or a swim? Not many. Dogs, on the other hand, realize how important it is to walk and exercise regularly and take absolute delight in them. In fact, they often remind you to take them out if you have forgotten. With a dog in house, a dog parent usually does get more exercise that he would have gotten were he not a dog owner. Dog parent or not, we must always give due important to our health and squeeze a few minutes f exercise in our daily schedule for a healthy and happy life.

Don’t Waste Food

We know that world hunger is a problem. We are aware that many children starve to death in poor countries, where there is no food. We now that people around the world suffer through draughts and famines, and that it takes millions of lives each year. You dog does not have access to the same knowledge and ye he is more careful with his food than we are.

Dogs know never to waste food. Notice that whenever you give your dog food, he always licks his bowl clean, wasting not even a grain of it. We must adopt the same habit. We must never waste food, and always be mindful and grateful for the blessing of food on the table and a full stomach.

Loyalty in Friendships

Loyalty is a dog’s biggest trait. They are not called a man’s best friend for no reason. They have earned that title, and upheld it for centuries. A dog’s loyalty knows no bounds.

Human friendships are often conceited, deceitful and selfish. Though it is natural to feel some of those things sometimes, we must continuously strive to be better in our friendships and relationships. Loyalty is the basis and the foundation of all relationships and we must cultivate that in all the relationships we build around us. Loyalty is a great virtue which will earn you many friends in your life.

Delight in the Nature

Dogs love the outside! There is no better thing to them than being taken outdoors and left to run around, play around and goof around. They love nothing more than to feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face. The sight of the oceans excites them, and the thought of going hiking in the mountains electrify them. They thrive in nature and they delight in nature. Nature makes them feel alive, free and happy.

The same should also be said of us. We have gotten so used to our unhealthy, sedentary lives, so engrossed in our mobile phones and televisions that we have forgotten what the world outside was like and what it offers us. Leave the couch today and go someplace where you can truly appreciate the nature. Where you can see the beauty in the world that you so mindlessly drive by every day. Feel the happiness that comes from being out in the world. If nature does not make you feel happy, you are doing something wrong.

Dogs know how to prioritize what’s important, but do we? They love and love, and take care of the people and their surroundings, while we do nothing but harm. Look around you; are there any natural spots that are untouched and unharmed by the human existence?

We must come together now to save the planet. One easy way to do that is to donate to organizations that are working to clean up the planet and prolong the life of the earth. Our money could help them save all of us. We owe the planet this much, at the very least.