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Camping With Dogs: A Guide

Camping With Dogs - Happy Breath

Being a dog parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences of one’s life. Dogs are not only great pets but they’re wonderful companions in all our adventures. Whether it is a hike, road trip, or camping excursion, having our furry friend by our side doubles the fun. Not only this but these activities are a great way to bond and make memories with our pets.

However, these adventures are challenging, and therefore, they need to be planned well. Since our pets can always create a ruckus especially canines, it may be difficult to handle them when you’re away from home. Thus, whether it’s camping or hiking, there are some tips you should follow at each stage of the adventure.

This article will particularly deal with camping with dogs. If it’s your first time camping with your dog, then this article can help you plan and get a few steps ahead.

Camping With Dogs


The first important step when it comes to camping with dogs is making sure you know campsite rules and regulations. Even though some camping sites are dog-friendly, they may still have some rules concerning pets. For dogs, they may require you to put a leash around your dog. Not only this, but they may also have certain rules which, if not followed, may force you to face consequences.

These restrictions may vary from place to place, depending on the locality. For example, some camping sites allow dogs only in those areas where there are fewer chances of wildlife appearances.

Once you have made sure your local camping site is dog-friendly, the next step pertains to your canine’s health. To rule out health issues such as infections, parasites, or skin troubles, make sure you schedule a vet’s appointment before you go camping with your dog. This way you can also get your pet vaccinated, making sure they’re well-protected.

To get your dog acclimated to a camping environment, pitch a camping tent in your backyard (if you have one) or a park/open space. This way your pet can get used to staying and sleeping in a tent.

What To Pack

One of the most important steps when camping with dogs is packing important items that your pet will need. Here are some of them:

Sleeping Bag

Pack a sleeping bag for your dog so it can rest comfortably. You can place the sleeping bag inside your tent too. However, if it’s cold, you may want to bring a sleeping bag attachment so your dog is cozy and cold-proof. Another way you can ensure your pet is comfortable at night times or during breaks is by having a separate dog tent. This is useful for large-sized dogs that may need their own space. However, keep an eye out and don’t leave the campsite unattended for too long.


You will need a tent for yourself too, so make sure you pack one. If your dog is a medium-sized pet or a small breed, then you can share the tent space too. Make sure to bring along a blanket or a cover so you can have extra cushioning along with the tent floor.

Dog Clothes

One of the basic clothing items you should get for your pooch is a reflective jacket. If you camp at night, you should ensure your dog wears one so you can find it from a distance. However, if it’s hot, make sure your dog has a cooling jacket to ward off heat. For the winter season, get a fleece jacket so your pet is safe from the cold.

Food and Water

Make sure you bring cooked food in tins or bags so you don’t have to light a fire on the campsite. Bring a water bottle with an attachable cup to keep your pet well-hydrated. Ideally, you should overpack water, food, and snacks.

Other Items

Other important items contain toys and first-aid kids. To keep your pet entertained as you do other things, make sure you bring along your pet’s favorite toys. Not only this but a first-aid kit is also a must-have while camping with dogs. It should have medicine, gauze, tweezers, band-aid, and other items your dog’s vet prescribes.

During Camping

When you’re camping with dogs, there are certain tips you should follow no matter what. You should be concerned about not just your dog’s safety, but also the environment, wildlife, and other campers. Therefore, make sure your dog does not inflict any damage on plants and animals as they are part of the local ecosystem. This is not to say your dog will not be curious about flora and fauna but that you should be prepared. Moreover, your pet might also be a threat to other campers or vice versa. One way to be prepared for this is by having your pet on a leash at all times so you can control them.

During the time you don’t have a leash on, make sure the pet is in your sight. You should also use command words so your pet is able to listen to you and stop, even if it’s far away.

Finally, make sure your camping dog and its camping accessories do not pollute the environment. So, if you have plastic bags, bottles, or even dog food, make sure you take it back with you instead of throwing it at the campsite.

Post Camping Care

After you return from your camping trip, make sure your pet gets enough time to rest in its comfort zone. It could either be your dog’s kennel or its favorite place, but make sure they are well-rested before any physical activity. Moreover, make sure your pet is hydrated and sipping on water continuously, especially if you have camped during the summer season or at a site with a lot of sunlight. Finally, make sure you schedule a vet visit for your camping dog so you can eliminate all chances of health issues.

The Bottom Line

This guide can be useful for those camping with dogs for the first time. However, if you’re an avid camper, these tips can surely help you too. Ultimately, whatever stage of camping you are at, it is always better to be prepared when you’re camping you’re your dog. You don’t want a great experience turning sour because of a lack of planning and negligence.