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How To Safely Camp with Your Dog

Camp with Your Dog

If you’re planning to go camping but can’t imagine staying without your four-legged best friend for so many days, why don’t you take them along? Yes, you read that right. We’re absolutely suggesting you take your dog camping with you. It sure would come with some challenges, but all of it will be totally worthwhile!

Having your furry companion lick your face to wake you up like they do every morning while you’re out and about is like living a dream, so why not live it while you can?

Camping with your dog comes with some challenges, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking them along with you. With the right preparations and safety measures, you can ensure a safe camping trip for yourself and your dog. If the idea of camping with your dog excites you and you can’t wait to hit the roads, give this blog post a read to know how to camp with your dog safely!

Understand Camping-Related Hazards

The first and foremost safety tip for camping safely with your dog is to understand be prepared for all the camping-related hazards that may come your way. Camping is all about living in the wilderness, and it won’t come without its hazards. You may come across venomous animals like coral and rattlesnakes, water moccasins, spiders, etc. Bites from these species can be extremely painful, both for you and your dog. There will also be poisonous plants along the way. To ensure a safe camping experience, you need to be equipped with basic first-aid and also some anti-allergic and poison antidote. In case there is an encounter with any of the poisonous plants, you at least have something with you that will offer relief till you can get medical attention!

Keep a Lookout on What Your Dog Drinks

You should be careful and keep a watch on what your dog drinks. They may stop at a standing water puddle to drink water, and that is something you wouldn’t want them to do. Standing water may be contaminated with dangerous bacteria and insects, and your dog may get a serious infection from it. Therefore, to ensure your dog’s safety during the camping trip, you need to be extra vigilant.

Keep Your Dog Far Away from Camp Fire

When you light a campfire, there are certain strict safety precautions that are a must-follow. However, your dog wouldn’t understand them. Fire can spread rapidly, especially in the woods where there are a lot of fallen leaves and grass around that can catch fire easily. Therefore, one way to safely camp with your dog is to keep your dog far away from the campfire so as to keep them and yourself safe and sound.

Keep Your Dog Under Supervision

Leaving your dog unleashed and unsupervised is highly discouraged. You should keep an eye on your dog at all times. If you leave your dog without a leash, they might run too deep into the woods, making it extremely tough for you to locate them later. They might also knock over the campfire or cooking utensils and create a mess for you, making your camping trip more of a hassle. There are also chances of your dog drowning in the nearby stream or lake if there’s any, or them getting hurt from sharp branches in the woods. So, it’s best if you keep them leashed and in front of your eyes all the while.

Ensure That Your Dog Is Warm at Night

The night time temperatures at most of the campsites are usually considerably lower than the day time temperature. Pack adequate warm blankets for your dog just like you would keep all the necessary gear to keep yourself warm. You certainly wouldn’t your dog to stay cold and keep shivering all night long, only to catch a fever and fall sick the next day. Your dog is your family, and your camping trip can’t be fun if your beloved family member falls sick.

Keep Your Dog’s Energy Levels In Check

One key tip to camp safely with your dog is to ensure that your dog doesn’t get dehydrated and exhausted. Excessive dehydration can be fatal. Camping is all about testing your stamina. Like you, your dog may be overly involved in all the activities you’re doing (hiking, climbing, running, walking, etc.) If the weather is hot during the day, your dog’s chances of getting dehydrated are quite high. And that’s why we suggest you keep a check on your dog’s energy levels. If they look exhausted, you should always stop, take a break, feed your dog some cool water and snacks, and get going after they seem to have caught their breath.

Keep Basic First Aid Handy

Some dogs are hyperactive and don’t seem to fall short of energy. They may run and play around actively. When you’re in the wild, there’s always a chance of getting hurt or scratched. So is the case with your dog. So, it’s best if you keep basic first aid handy so that if your dog hurts itself, you can address their wound right away. Leaving the wounds in the open during camping isn’t advised as it would expose your dog to serious infections and insects.

Pack A Safety Vest for Your Dog

If you plan on going boating or fishing during your camping trip, you need to pack a safety vest for your dog. It’ll provide additional safety to your dog and ensure that there are no unprecedented accidents during the trip.
Camping with your dog can be so much more fun than being on your own. Having your dog with you would feel like you’ve got a companion that you can share your challenges and enjoyment with. If you’re equipped with the right gear and follow all the necessary safety precautions, you and your dog are surely set for a great camping trip!