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How to Keep Your Neighborhood Dog Park Clean

Dog Park Clean

Dog Park Clean :: Your friendly neighborhood dog park is surely a way for your puppy to rejuvenate, socialize and play. However, with all of that comes a good sense of responsibility. As a dog owner who frequently visits a public space that facilitates your pet, you must ensure that you’re keeping it safe and clean for other visitors too. Failing to keep any public space clean for a long time can soon turn it into a hotbed for bacteria and illnesses for your and other people’s pets.

Why Should You Keep a Dog Park Clean?

This goes without saying, but other dogs and visitors are entitled to the same amount of hygiene you and your dog are entitled to. Moreover, taking your pet dog to a space that isn’t clean means they are more susceptible to catching diseases.

Unless you’re willing to pay for the rising veterinary care expenses and exposing your dog to an unwanted situation, it’s important to keep every public space you visit clean and litter-free. Illnesses aren’t the only consequence of an unhygienic place. Your dog could also be a victim of many injuries and accidents if they encounter an unwanted item while playing, such as broken glass bottles.

There are many prevalent diseases your dog can be susceptible to due to waste, such as feces. Some of these diseases include salmonella, hookworms, roundworms, and giardia. As a result, your infected dog may also pass thousands of roundworm eggs daily.

The reason you should keep your dog from getting infected is not only to protect them from the consequences of dealing with an illness but also to keep other animals safe. It’s a known fact that if your dog contracts a certain illness, it may also spread it over to other animals in the vicinity. Hence, you should never take feces lightly and make sure to clean up after your dog both inside and outside the house.

How Can You Keep a Dog Park Clean?

Avoid Taking Food Along

Taking food along may get your dog all energetic and excited while they enjoy a good run in the park, but it’s also a major source of litter. Even if you’re doing your best and ensuring the trash is dumped properly, your dog may still leave some remains out there while eating. Therefore, it’s always better to feed them before you take them out.

Clean Up Feces as Soon as Possible

Unfortunately, many dog owners still live under a rock and believe that their dog is nowhere near doing something like consuming feces. It may come as a surprise to many, but if you have a dog, they will engage in the act at some point in time. Therefore, even if it happens occasionally, it’s better to clean up after them immediately before something you perceive as harmless becomes a lifelong habit.

Train Your Dog to Follow the Rules Too

Not every dog park is set up the same way, and there are certain designated areas where you can take your dog to relieve themselves. However, there are also areas that are not meant to be explored in that way. This is why you must train your dog not to pee on walls and benches and do so in the grass instead. The only way to collectively improve the hygiene situation in a dog park is to make sure your dog is also adhering to the rules.

Avoid Communal Hydration Spots

Every park has a spot where you can let your pets have water, but it’s best to avoid it. Always carry your own water bowl in case your dog gets thirsty after running around. Most communal spots that provide water could be breeding grounds for many diseases, which is why your pet is better away from them.

Don’t Bring Sick Dogs Along.

Never take a sick dog to a park because they will most likely spread the bacteria diseases among other dogs. You should avoid bringing them to any public spot if you suspect that they’re sick.

It’s better to stay at home with them and spend a considerable amount of time getting them treated before you let them interact with any other animal. This also brings us to another important point, vaccination.

If your dog is unvaccinated, do not take them to a dog park at any cost. Moreover, if your puppies are younger than four months, it’s also better to keep them away from a vicinity as open as a dog park. They can easily get themselves in an unwanted situation amidst other grown dogs and are more susceptible to different illnesses. Apart from sick and young dogs, you should also keep a female dog in heat away from other dogs.

The Bottom Line

Last but not least, never let your dogs go out of sight. The moment you lose them, it may be hard to figure out where they’ve created their mess, and as a result, it will definitely be hard for you to clean up after them. In fact, in most parks, owners aren’t allowed to keep their dogs away from them. As long as you’re able to keep your eyes on your dog, it’s alright to stay in a single spot and relax while they play.

In the end, following a few easy rules in the dog park isn’t as hard as one may perceive it to be. Keeping any spot clean and safe is our utmost duty as individuals and ensuring that your dog is not a threat to anyone else is your primary responsibility as an owner.

Dog parks have been a safe haven for dogs for a long time and should continue being so. As a rule of thumb, never bring your pet’s food along in the park and clean up after their feces immediately. If you want to prevent your dog pooping in the park, train them beforehand or make sure they do their business before going to the park.