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Ensuring The Best Care of Your Dog: Tips and Tricks

Best Care of Your Dog - Happy Breath

Taking care of a dog can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you’re new to the dog parent life. However, having a dog as a pet is one of the most joyful experiences one can have. Whether it is their cuteness, curiosity, or boundless love for you, dogs are a great addition to one’s life.

They offer friendship and protection while offering you a kind of love you’ve never experienced before. With so much to offer us, we need to give them due attention and care. Therefore, planning their vet visits or investing in their toys shouldn’t be seen as a burden. Instead, as dog owners, it is a responsibility that should be fulfilled happily and lovingly.

So, if you’re looking for some easy dog care tips, here are some that are great for beginners and dog experts alike.

Tips and Tricks

Ensure a Good Diet

Good dog health means your pet isn’t obese or overweight. Therefore, it is important to feed them a good quality diet. It could be mixture of fresh red and white meat, tinned food, and snacks. Moreover, you should take care of their individual dietary needs specified by your dog’s vet. They may be allergic to some foods or have requirements based on their breed, age, or underlying health conditions. Finally, take extra care when it comes to hydration by keeping their water bowl filled at all times, especially as the summer season approaches.

Train for Commands

Training your pet to listen to your commands falls under the category of dog care tips. This is because dogs need to know how to listen to you and your commands for their own safety. Whether you take them out for a walk, hike, or to the beach, commands ensure their security. The best way to train them to listen to you is to start young and hand out treats when they respond to and follow your commands effectively.

Plan Vet Visits

It may be difficult for you to gauge if your dog is not well, unless they show visible signs. This is why it’s important to plan regular check-up and follow-up visits to the vet. It may help in the timely detection of determining if there is something wrong with your pet that can be fixed with correct treatment and medicines. Moreover, it may also help you keep up to date with vaccinations vital to your dog’s health and growth.

Take Care of Grooming

You should ensure proper care of your dog’s grooming by cutting its nail and getting its hair clipped regularly. One way to do this is by taking them to dog groomer that offers professional services if you can’t do it yourself. This is especially true for long-coated dogs with thick and long hair prone to fleas, knots and matting.

Give Identification

Giving your dog a proper name collar around its neck can save them from trouble in case they get lost. It is one of the most important dog care tips because it ensures your dog’s collar has your contact number, so you can get a call if the need arises. Having a collar on them is also necessary when you take them out for walks as you can attach the leash to them.

Go Out For Regular Walks

Going out for regular walks is beneficial not only for your dog but also for you. It is a way for them to enjoy and play after being indoors for some time. A proper fetch session or a run in a park is a mood booster for dogs while being a great way to stay active for the both of you.

Maintain Cleanliness

An important way to ensure the best dog care is to maintain the cleanliness of your pet, including its kennel, bed, or crate. Don’t let its resting place and utensils go unwashed for days as germs and bacteria may develop over time. Not only this, but neglecting cleanliness may result in skin and stomach issues that can be easily avoided. Take extra precautions if you have dog toys, as they can be breeding grounds for mold and fungus.

Undertake Reproductive Measures

One of the reasons why the stray population has increased is due to mis-mating between dogs. If you don’t plan on breeding, it is probably a good idea to neuter or spay your pet. If you opt for these options, approach an experienced vet and take extra care after the operation for quick recovery. However, if you’re against neutering or spaying, then look for other options, as breeding may be a hassle for you and your pet if unintended.

Looking Out for Dental Health

Giving attention to your dog’s teeth is important since they love chewing on toys and bones. Neglecting them may cause bleeding, which may lead to serious issues such as infections. Therefore, you should try to brush their teeth and give them a suitable diet that doesn’t contribute to bad breath. Look out for specially designed toothbrushes, or ask your vet for a recommendation.

Love Your Dog Unconditionally

Finally, one of the last but most important dog care tips is to love your fur baby unconditionally. Although every tip listed above is necessary to ensure and sustain good dog health, unconditional love is one of the most important ingredients. This is because dogs are friendly animals and love the attention they get by being around people daily walks, playing in the park or at home, and hugging and petting it can have a positive influence on your dog’s health.

The Bottom Line

Your fur baby deserves the best of everything. They are a responsibility that you have taken upon yourselves, so you should try to fulfill it to the best of your abilities. Therefore, the dog care tips listed above are not limited. They are a good starting point to begin taking the best care of your dog. Once you get the hang of it, you can always make it better by adding tips and tricks you or other dog owners swear by!