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Best Places to Hike With Your Dog

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Hiking Trails:  Hiking requires planning and preparation. Therefore, you need to be physically fit while also having good gear and company to help you navigate hiking trails effectively.

Moreover, it is always beneficial to know all details regarding your local hiking trails and their rules and regulations. This is especially true if you plan on taking your dog for a hike.

It is a fun experience where you and your dog can bond together and make memories while reveling in the beauty of trail views. Not only this, but dogs often make the best companions when it comes to conquering a challenging hiking trail.

But if you’re new to hiking, then you may not have enough information about hiking trails. So if you’re still deciding where to hike, here are some of the best hiking trails in America.

1. Royal Arch Trail

Located near Boulder, Colorado, Royal Arch Trail is 3.1 miles long and has an elevation of 1394 meters. The trail is lined with greenery and exotic flowers that make it a must-visit for specialist hikers. Not only this, it is considered a difficult trail to summit due to its uneven routes and rocky formations. However, it allows dogs and so you can plan for a fun adventure by researching more about it.

2. Mailbox Peak Trail Loop

If you’re in Washington and looking for an exciting trail in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Resources Conservation Area, Mailbox Peak Trail Loop is a good choice. It is 8.5 miles long and has a rugged topography that goes as high as 3884 inches. It is considered a challenging trail because of the rocks. Moreover, it can get cold and slippery due to snow. However, the views from the top of the peak are breathtaking. So, what is stopping you from packing your gear and hiking with your dog on this trail?

3. Mount Olympus Trail

Considered as one of Utah’s most difficult hiking trails, Mount Olympus Trail is near Midvale. It is a steep incline that is 6.5 miles long and 4143 inches high. However, it is a fun trail because of its views when you make it to the top. The hiking trail also has a river which makes it a beautiful hike for you and your dog. However, experts recommend taking a hiking stick with you as the trail may have patches of loose gravel and rocks.

4. Stevens Trail

Stevens Trail is located in Colfax, California. It is available for hiking all year around. What makes it different from some of the trails on this list is that it has a waterfall as a water source. The trail stretches for 7.7 miles long and has an incline of 1584 inches. It offers scenic views, especially at the top of the trail. It is generally considered a dog-friendly trail; however, you should avoid hiking here in the summer as there is little shade. Due to this, your dog may be uncomfortable as the trail floor may get too hot to touch.

5. Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop

This hiking trail is near Franconia in New Hampshire inside White Mountain National Forest. The trail is 8 miles and has an elevation of 3759 meters. For this reason, it is considered a difficult trail and is recommended only for experienced hikers. However, it is dog-friendly, and so your furry friend can accompany you on this hiking trail. But it offers beautiful views, unique flora and fauna, along with a waterfall.

6. Mount Tammany: Red Dot and Blue Dot Loop Trail

Located in New Jersey, Mount Tammany is a hiking trail that is considered moderate due to its 3.5-mile-long stretch and 1240 meters elevation gain. Therefore, it is a popular hiking trail for leashed dogs. It offers stunning views and has a river that runs around the mountain. However, it is known to have some steep curves and rocky boulders, but nothing dangerous unless you’re in bad physical shape.

These were just some of the hiking trails across the United States that are dog-friendly. However, before hiking with dogs, you should ensure your pet is in good physical health and has no injuries that might hinder your trail. Ideally, you should train your pet by taking it out for runs, especially on slightly higher inclines so that it may build stamina. Moreover, make sure you have made the pre-hike visit to the vet and have had your pet’s vaccinations in order.

Essentially, you should research how to prepare your dog before taking it on a hike, as it may require some planning. However, once you are there, you should ensure your pet is not harming the trail in any way. The following section lists some ways you can do so.
Be Careful on a Hiking Trail!

It is no wonder that all these hiking trails are fun and adventurous, especially if you have your furry friend by your side. But because these trails are beautiful and home to plant and animal life, it is your duty to take care of them. The best way to ensure this by practicing the Leave No Trace principle. This principle states the only thing you should leave behind on a hiking trail is your footprint or pawprint. Anything you take inside should come back with you, whether your gear, your dog’s backpack, or even its poo. Here are some simple ways you can minimize damage to hiking trails:

Train your dog to obey commands
• Don’t litter
• Be careful of water resources
• Take your pre-cooked meal
• Use a plastic bag to pick up the dog’s poo
• Be careful of plants and animals

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the hiking trails that have been popular for the reasons above. However, before taking on a challenging hiking trail, it is good to try out smaller and less intimidating ones. Moreover, make sure you know trail rules, especially if they allow dogs or not. And lastly, don’t forget to take care of these hiking trails! They are precious for the environment and are home to rich biodiversity.