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What Are the Top 10 Dog Products You Should Own?

Top Dog Products

Are you thinking of getting a dog? Check out our compilation of the top dog products we think all dog owners should own. These products are practical to own and make life easy for both you and your pup.

Here is a list of the top dog products all dog owners should own.

1. ID Tag

An ID Tag is the first on the list! This is an essential item that you should be purchasing for your dog. Do get the ID tag customized with your dog’s name, the owner’s name, and your address. The ID should be attached to your dog’s collar at all times. If your dog gets lost, the personalized details will ensure it gets home as quickly as possible. This is also useful in case of emergencies like a fire or an earthquake. Do make sure your pet pooch wears the ID Tag even if they are microchipped. The Tag can help return lost dogs much quicker than having a company scan the chip and find owner details.

2. Harness

A dog- harness is definitely one of the best dog accessories. It is great for dogs who tend to pull on leashes yet provides the necessary security and comfort. If you own a very strong or huge dog, a harness gives you much better control over your dog. It is also easier for you to walk your dog with a harness, as it eases pressure on your arms and back.

It can also be possible for small breeds of dogs to injure themselves with a leash as pulling or tugging can put pressure on their neck. A harness spreads out the pressure over a larger area of the dog’s body, therefore, reducing strain on the dog’s neck and back, and may be a safer option.

3. Pet Hair Brush

A pet hair brush is an absolute necessity, especially if your dog is long-haired or has a dense coat. It removes all the excess hair from your dog’s coat, thus reducing the level of shedding. This means lesser hair to vacuum from the furniture, from your cat seats, and also your clothes! Regular brushing also distributes the natural oils present on your dogs’ skin evenly throughout the body, making their fur coat shiny and healthy.

4. Dog Bed

Dog beds are useful dog accessories for your pooch and can be used for napping in the daytime or sleeping at night. A bed will keep your dog warm and comfortable, especially in the winter months. Dog beds also support arthritic joints and prevent calluses.

Having its own dog bed also gives your pooch a space of its own, unlike a couch or a human bed. Having their own place can make dogs feel calm and help in de-stressing.

As dog beds and light and soft, you can easily carry them with you when traveling. The sense of familiarity can make your dog feel comfortable and secure and reduce the anxiety caused by traveling.

5. Stain and Odor remover

This product is a must-have and usually is a lifesaver for pet owners! A fast and effective solution, enzyme-based cleaners can easily remove stubborn urine smells and wipe out underlying pheromones that dogs usually return to and can re-mark. After investing in a strong stain and odor remover, you do not have to worry if your pooch has an accident on the floor or on the carpet, as it can easily be taken care of!

6. Car Harness seat belt

A dog car harness can be your all-time top dog product if you and your pooch like going on long journeys together. Car dog harnesses keep dogs safe in the car as it prevents them from roaming around or jumping on your lap (which can be distracting).

With a car harness, dogs usually stay comfortable and cozy in the car, thus enjoying the ride.
Also, in the case of a collision or a sudden stop, your pooch stays restrained and can avoid a serious injury. Most car harnesses can easily be attached to your dog’s lead, so you can easily go from your car to out for a walk in the park without hassle.

7. Pet First-Aid Kit

Pet first aid kits are useful and handy to have around as emergencies can strike at any time, whether you are at home, running errands with your pooch tagging along, or traveling with your dog. These kits are also useful to keep your dog’s medication in, in case of a health issue. Pet first aid kits also make great dog accessories as you can always keep copies of important paperwork, such as vaccination records, medical records, and emergency phone numbers, with you close by.

8. Dental Care: Toys and Treats

Regularly maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene is something dog-owners are usually unaware of. Teeth cleaning toys and treats are useful for this purpose. Investing in the best dog dental products can not only clear a dog’s breath but also clean plaque and tartar from their teeth and soothe irritated gums.

9. Dog Treats

Dog treats are useful and convenient to have close by for many reasons!

Dogs get motivated to learn new tricks and behavior with a dog treat at hand. They can also be used to sneakily give your dog take a prescribed pill for an ongoing health condition and can also help aid digestion. Purchasing dog treats can be expensive at times, so you can also try making some at home for your pooch. Little bits of chicken or sausages make great treats. You can also boil an egg and cut it into pieces and use it as a treat as dogs usually like the taste of boiled eggs.

10. Flea Spray

These annoying blood-sucking parasites can be irritating for your dog and can easily infest your home. Some fleas can also cause allergies in dogs, such as red and flaky skin, hair loss, and scabs. It is always better to treat this condition right away by always keeping flea spray handy.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, do invest in these top dog products. They are absolutely essential to have around and make taking care of your pooch easy and convenient.