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Top 5 Benefits of Hiking with Your Dog

Benefits of Hiking with Your Dog

Whether you plan to explore a new trail or hit the same old neighborhood loop, don’t forget to take your dog along. Hiking is the one activity people can afford both financially and physically.

What more would you want for yourself and your dog if not a good sweat-breaking hike? Moreover, if your dog loves being outdoors, the chances are that they will make great training partners too. Here are five more benefits of taking your dog for a hike.

It’s a Workout that Doesn’t Feel Like One

Far too often, we feel burdened by the thought of working out or going to the gym. Sometimes your dog may also not respond well to the idea of going out if you’re taking them on the same old walk in the same old dog park. When working out starts feeling this way, it may be a sign you need to mend your ways.

This is where hiking proves to be a great way to break a sweat and enjoy nature at the same time. Giving your dog a challenge in the form of slopes and rocks every once in a while can help them rejuvenate without it feeling like work.

It Helps Regulate Your Dog’s Temper

The idea of going for a hike to regulate your dog’s temper may seem odd but sometimes tiring them out is for their own good. If you’ve been a pet owner for some time now, you may already know how hard it is to get them under control, especially when they’re all hyped up.

A tired dog is less likely to lash out or throw tantrums at home when they come back tuckered out. All they would care about is getting into their comfy spot and sleeping.

You Both Get to Experience a “Healthy High”

Similar to humans, dogs also have increased endorphin levels right after working out, and these hormones are linked to feelings of happiness and pleasure. They work as natural opiates to give you and your dog a healthy high.

It Helps Bring Down Elevated Stress Levels

We all know what a good workout can do to bring down our stress levels. Be it work, bills, or home, mental and physical stress don’t take long to build up inside us, and releasing it is the only way to ensure your health is on the right track.

Interestingly, your dogs can also experience this phenomenon and may look for ways to release their stress from time to time. Hiking can give them as much of a sedative effect as it does to you, and the fresh air that comes in the equation doesn’t hurt either.

It Helps You Trust Each Other

Going on a hike is very different from going on a regular walk. It’s less predictable and can expose you to different situations and challenges. When your dog gets to see something other than their usual routine, it helps them find new ways to deal with challenges too. In the process, you and your dog are able to form a bond unlike anything else.

Sometimes, the experience is very similar to going with a friend. It’s a known fact that embarking on different adventures with friends can give you a whole new perspective on life. In the same way, your dog learns to trust you along the way, and you get to experience new limits and behaviors they demonstrate.

How Will Hiking Keep Your Dog Healthy?

Hiking is like an upgraded version of a walk. When something as simple as walking has benefits for your dog’s physical health, imagine what something slightly more strenuous like hiking can do.

Just like us, dogs are also susceptible to suffering from the consequences of physical conditions like obesity. As much as we like to feed them their favorite treats, it’s also important to keep a good walking and exercise routine planned for them. Burning calories is the only solution to avoid medical complications that may come as a result of being overweight.

Additionally, their joints also need some movement and exercise regularly, or they may become stiff if kept sedentary for a long time. Muscles and weight aside, your dog’s urinary and digestive health can also benefit from a good walking regime that comes with a hint of hiking now and then.

A good workout can help prevent constipation and other digestive issues in your dog. You may also notice them getting bladder infections frequently when urine sits in the bladder for a prolonged period due to inactivity. Hence, keeping their anatomy happy is also very important.

Why Can’t Your Dog Get All These Benefits Just By Running Around the Yard?

When it comes to a dog’s overall health, physical aspects are not the only limit to consider. Mental health is equally important and cannot improve by staying within boundaries all the time.

Dogs can get bored easily unless there’s always something constructive to do. Walking exercises not only the body but also the mind. A good way to stimulate their minds is to let them enjoy new paths and wildlife and, most importantly, watch other pets with their owners. It’s almost impossible to give them the same experience inside the boundaries of your house.

You may have a lot to do with your time, but your dog doesn’t. For them, you’re their entire universe, and your attention means the world to them. There’s absolutely no way to ensure that you both are spending quality time together without going out frequently. Hiking allows you to spend one-on-one time with your beloved pet and also prevents them from whining or barking excessively, which often happens when they’re all by themselves.

All in all, hiking is more than an adventurous activity to embark on once a year. It’s something that you should consider going for with your little buddy frequently. Unlike friends who aren’t often available for such activities, your dog will never hesitate to accompany you on a walk.