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What To Pack When Camping With Dogs

What To Pack When Camping With Dogs

If you’ve camped with dogs before, you probably know they can be an excellent companion when experiencing the thrill of the camping journey. There is a different kind of excitement in discovering a place to tent for camping while soaking up nature and its bounties. But camping with dogs can also be tough for those who have never done it previously or those who don’t know what to pack for this journey.

However, don’t fret as you’ve come to the right place. This article will list all the things you could ever need for a camping trip with your canine.

What To Pack When Camping With Dogs

If you’re new to camping with dogs and, more specifically, packing for it, then you should maintain a checklist for the items below.

Dog Backpack

A camping dog has many benefits. But one of the most important ones is that you can divide your luggage weight if you have a dog. This can be done through a dog backpack, which is essentially your dog’s luggage consisting of items it will need during the trip. However, make sure your dog’s backpack is compatible with their weight. Moreover, your dog should have some practice carrying it before you embark on this journey.

Dog Sleeping Bag /Tarp

You might think your dog does not get tired after a long journey, but this is untrue. Just like you, it needs some downtime to recuperate and energize. For this purpose, you should invest in a dog sleeping bag or anything your canine finds comfortable to lay on. Moreover, you can buy an all-weather tarp to place over your dog’s bed. This allows your dog to retain its body heat during the night so it doesn’t catch hypothermia.

First Aid Kit

Your dog can be on its best behavior, but it doesn’t guarantee your canine won’t get a few scraps or cuts here and there. Therefore, a first aid kit is an important thing you should carry at all times while traveling with your pet. It should include a bandage, gauze, tweezers, and antiseptic pads, among many more items. Ideally, it should also have medicines or electrolytes (for hydration purposes) that your dog’s vet has recommended.

Collar Light/Flashlight

Camping with dogs can be nerve-wracking sometimes. Even if you don’t let them out of your sight, chances are they might disappear for a few minutes because of something that aroused their curiosity. Therefore, make sure you have invested in a collar light that can easily be put around your canine’s neck so you can trace them, especially during the night. As such, you should also pack a flashlight for safety purposes.

Camping Tent

What’s the fun of camping if there is no camping tent? However, if you are camping with dogs, the specifications of a tent need to be reconsidered. Choose a tent that is spacious enough for your dog to sleep and relax in. Moreover, make sure to introduce the tent before you undertake the camping journey. You can do this by letting it sit in the tent for some time when you’re at home. This will help your dog get familiar with the tent, it’s material, and how it feels on the inside.

Leash and Harness

Even though your camping dog may be the most obedient, it does not warrant your dog’s safety. They might be attracted to a plant or an animal on a campsite and might run in its direction. Therefore, make sure to carry a short and a non-retractable leash, so you have control over your dog. You can also attach a harness to your pet as it can help you guide your dog better. You may also carry a long leash, but it can be difficult to control your pet with it, especially in a vast area such as a camping site.

Floating Device

If you are camping near a water body and your dog wants to take a dip, then a floating device is a good option. This is to ensure your pet doesn’t drown in the water and can enjoy the water body. Ideally, this is a great investment for the summer season.

Cooling Vest or Coat

If you plan on camping with dogs throughout each season, you need to purchase suitable clothing for your canine. For the summer season, you should buy a cooling vest that allows your pet to keep cool. Just dip it in water and put it on your dog. This reduces the chances of dehydration, especially in extreme heat. For the winter season, you should buy an insulated jacket to keep your pet warm. However, with both clothing items, make sure it is such that it can come off quickly. Try to look for Zipper or Velcro options for them.

Dog Treats

When your dog camping, it requires a boost of positivity and a reward for good behavior. Therefore, make sure to pack your canine’s favorite dog treats. You can put them in a food-dispensing toy, or you may give the treats yourself.

Collapsible Water/Food Bowl

Perhaps one of the most important items to pack for a camping trip is your dog’s food and water. Make sure to carry tinned food, water bottles, and a collapsible bowl for this purpose. Moreover, a collapsible bowl can be put in your dog’s backpack as it takes less space and is lightweight.

Protective Wear

Protect your dog from chilly winds, harmful UV rays, and debris by investing in dog eyewear that is available online. Not only this, but you should buy paw-protectant or even booties to avoid your canine’s paws from the rough edges and hot surfaces.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve hesitated to take your dog camping, then you shouldn’t anymore. The list above provides you with everything your dog might need away from home. However, keep in mind that the list can vary among dogs, depending on their breed and personality and even your preferences as a dog parent.