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7 Ways to Exercise With Your Dog

Exercise With Your Dog

Exercise With Your Dog | If you’re a dog owner looking for a healthy blend of activities for your buddy, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes, involving your dog in activities is one of the hardest things to do, especially if they’re not easy to get a grip on. Sadly, dogs aren’t any different from humans and often get tired of doing the same thing repeatedly. So, if you’re a health-conscious owner trying to get your precious pet dog to work out, here are some ways to do so.

Dog Yoga

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks on a fitness class for your dog from a trained professional, consider going for yoga. Dog yoga, or as some people call it, “Doga,” is a great way to soothe your pet while also letting them have a little fun in the process. Many tried and tested positions work for dogs, such as going three-legged and downward facing. Once your dog has learned the art of yoga, there’s absolutely nothing they will hesitate to get into.


Fetching is the ultimate dog sport, and whether you’re a dog person or not, you must be familiar with it. However, it’s more than just something you do to kill time. Fetching is one of the best ways to make your dog run and give their body a good dose of exercise without even realizing. Another great thing about an activity as simple as fetching is that your dog will never see it as a workout, so you can always take it up a notch and throw the item as far as you would want them to run.


You may not have heard much about dogs going on hikes, but with the given circumstances where people aren’t able to travel much, hiking has started gaining more and more momentum. What started out as a way for people to take a break and go for weekend getaways has slowly transformed into a way for your pets to rejuvenate.

Hiking is not only a way to explore nature and wear heavy boots while you do so. It’s also a way to let your dog experience outdoors unlike anything they’ve ever done before. However, hiking is not a walk in the park and not every dog breed os always. So make sure to get your pet thoroughly checked up and their strength evaluated before you take them along.


Allowing your pet to swim does not mean throwing them in a pool of water without prior training. Just like humans, pets need training before pursuing a new activity too. However, once they get into it, swimming proves to be an excellent way of burning some calories and have fun, especially in the scorching heat of summer. So don’t hesitate to try a different activity with your dog and let them hit the water under your supervision.

Climbing the stairs

If you and your dog aren’t big on outdoor adventures, don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to make them work out indoors too. You don’t necessarily have to have a workout room assigned for the task, as you can get your daily dose of exercise with other physical activities. One such activity is climbing the stairs.

The best way to make them do it is to have them follow you while you climb the stairs. If this isn’t something you wish to do, simply throw a soft toy or a ball upstairs to allow them to fetch it back to you. This is the beauty of fetching. You can incorporate it with any and every activity. Once your dog has completed an entire round of climbing up and down the stairs, appreciate them or reward them for enhancing their motivation further.

Playing hide and seek.

At this point, you may be wondering whether we’re still on the subject of exercise for dogs. Most activities in the list are indeed ways for people to work out, not dogs, but you will be surprised to find out how much your pup loves to play the games you thought were only limited for humans. Dogs love the thrill that comes with hide and seek, and if they’ve been with you long enough, they wouldn’t mind looking for you in the house if you go missing.

Learning to play hide and seek can take a while, but once your dog learns the rules, it’ll be worth your while. There are also certain things you can use to your benefit. For example, dogs recognize their owners by the scent, so using your scent to make them find you is one way you can condition them to play with you. This way, your dogs won’t only get exercise but also enhance their brain’s cognitive ability.

Taking them to dog parks

The reason behind opening parks dedicated to dogs is to help them socialize and have a good time. Just like people, dogs love making friends too, and it only takes them a while to finally get along with other dogs and make their games and have their own fun. Dog parks aren’t exactly a way to give their bodies a full-fledged workout, but they sure are a way to make your dog burn at least some calories in the form of running and playing. You also have the option of letting your dog play with the neighbor’s dog, but the experience they get to have in a park is much more suited to their needs.

In the end, there are several ways to get your dogs moving but make sure not to expose them to something their bodies can’t handle. Provide them with an adequate amount of training before you plan on having them pursue activities such as hiking and swimming. Remember, not every workout regime is suited to or liked by your dog, so let them take their own pick once you’ve played your part in exposing them to it. The more it seems like a workout, the more your dog may drift away from it, which is why your best bet is to try out exercises in the form of games and activities.