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Do Dogs Make The Best Pets?

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Best Pets | Dogs are, undoubtedly, some of the most lovable animals, acting as our pets, companions, protectors, and friends.  Their cuteness and adorable gimmicks make it impossible not to pet a dog when you see one. It’s their inviting and friendly nature that makes them stand out among all other pets. Not only this, there are so many dog breeds to choose from that it may become confusing which one we really like.

However, if you’re someone who is struggling to convince a parent or a partner to get pet dogs, then this article is meant for you.

Dogs can truly be just the right addition one needs in a family or even if one is alone. So, if you’re looking for compelling reasons, here are some of them:

Here Are Some Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Pest


One of the reasons dogs are the first choice of pet for most people is that they are very playful. This means they can keep everyone engaged, so there is no chance of anyone feeling lonely. Not only this, think of dogs as free entertainment. Their curiosity and cute activities are heartwarming, making a dull day colorful.


Dogs are known for their supportive behavior. They are intelligent creatures who can sense when their owner needs a little nudge. This is especially true for people who may be suffering due to mental health issues. Dogs can sense a change in behavior and may push you out of bed or force you to get up. This quality makes them one of the best pets to have, especially for those looking for service animals.


Unlike other pets, dogs are emotional beings. This means they’ll be sad or happy when you are. More than that, some dogs will even try to make you smile if they see you’re feeling down or depressed. They’re emotional companions through and through.


The best pet is one who loves unconditionally but is also fiercely protective of you. Even here, dogs take the lead   as protectors.

While all dogs offer some protection, there are dog breeds known specifically for their protective quality. Be it a German shepherd or Bullmastiff, you can easily depend on them to protect your property, family, and even other animals. Along with this, some dogs are highly protective of children, making them a great addition to a family with kids.


Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures, and therefore, have an excellent memory. This makes them easy to train and learn commands without too much effort – unless you’re doing it wrong. Dogs can also decipher human body language and gestures, making them a great service and therapy animals. Moreover, dogs can detect a change in our health too. They can sniff signs of disease such as diabetes, cancer, and even the ongoing Covid-19.


While dogs offer us many benefits, one of the life-changing reasons to have a pet dog is because of their usefulness. This is especially true for people who have vision loss and may have trouble navigating. Seeing-eye dogs are trained to guide them. People with vision loss can cross a road, go to school, and do chores with the help of such dogs while also enjoying their companionship.


Dogs are friendly by nature, unless something irks them. This is why it is easy for them to make friends where ever they go. If they are in the mood, they’ll allow others to pet them, which gives you time to strike up a conversation with another dog owner. You can count on your pet dogs or dog to make friends for you, so you don’t have to be lonely again.


One of the lesser-known reasons why dogs make the best pet is because of their therapeutic nature. You can keep a therapy dog if you’re going through mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are professional institutes that train dogs to offer support to their owners through tactile help.


Studies have shown that people who share a deep bond with their pets, including dogs, tend to be more empathetic. They might even share a close bond with their family and community. This is a wonderful upside to having a dog as it ensures connections and sensitivity towards others. While this is a great trait to have, you can thank your pet dog for it.


Being a dog parent can actually be great for your health. When your pet dogs or dog forces you to take it out on a walk in the park or play fetch, you can rest assured it involves a lot of running. This is great for your heart health as it may help minimize the chances of a heart attack and reduce cholesterol. Apart from physical benefits, interaction with a dog can also be good for mental health as it regulates hormones and produces feelings of relaxation.


The best pet is that who loves you unconditionally. While there are other animals that are known for their loyalty, pet dogs tend to be the most loyal creatures. This is because they will love you unconditionally, expecting nothing but love in return. Moreover, they will stick by you through your hardest times and be a source of comfort for you through it all. Their unwavering loyalty makes them truly the best.

The Bottom Line

With this list, there is no reason why anyone would doubt why dogs make the best pets. They are wonderful companions who can make us forget our worries by offering us entertainment, love, and loyalty. Not only this, they are a great addition for any family who is looking for a furry friend.