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Ways To Keep Your Dog’s Safety In Check

Dog Safety - Happy Breath

Cute, cuddly, protective, and friendly, dogs have brought many people joy, happiness, and companionship. Not just adults, but even little children have come to love them as their furry protective friends who keep each other entertained.

Apart from being great pets, dogs have proven extremely useful for sniffing drugs, providing therapy, and even being guides for people with vision issues. With so much they offer humans, it is no wonder that we want to keep our dogs safe, protected, and happy.

Hence, it is admirable when we see dog owners going the extra mile to make sure their best friend is well-fed, deeply loved, and has access to the best care in the form of expert trainers and qualified vets. However, even after ensuring all of this, it is possible that, sometimes, our furry friends become slightly difficult to handle.

There may be many reasons for this. It could be a change in their environment, a difference in your attitude, or it could simply be a health issue that needs a checkup. However, there are some ways you can make sure your dog is safe and does not resort to rowdy behavior that may possibly end up harming them or other arounds them.

Tips To Ensure Dog Safety

While these tips are great ways for keeping dogs safe, it is also advisable that you understand some of the threats your own dogs may dislike. These could be the presence of another canine or they could be as simple as a honk. The purpose behind knowing what ticks your dog off is to be prepared in advance so that you may have a chance of calming it down before things get completely out of control.

However, here are some ways you can ensure dog safety:

 Closed Vehicle & Dogs

Often it happens that you find pet owners leaving their pets, especially dogs, in the car while making a quick run to the grocery store. Usually, the car’s windows are down, or the air conditioner runs while the leash restrains the dog. But these precautions do not ensure it is safe. Some potential dangers that accompany such a situation include a heatstroke, forceful escape, and the threat of someone breaking into your car to steal your furry friend. Even though this may seem far-fetched, keeping your pets at home or with someone you trust is always better.

Timely Vaccinations

Dogs spend most of their time outdoors playing or lying down on floors (not always the cleanest) and roadside pavement or near bushes. This may mean that they are susceptible to skin issues such as ticks and fleas. Not only this, they may come in contact with other canines or pets that may increase the risk of animal disease. If you want to ensure your dog’s health safety, it is recommended to get them vaccinated against potential health issues.

Strong Leashes & Collar

Having a pet leash, especially for dogs, is beneficial for both owners and dogs. Having a proper leash that has a good hand grip for you is extremely important when taking your dog out for a walk. It lets others know that it is safe to be around the dog while also allowing your control of where the dog goes and what it sniffs around. Moreover, your dogs should always have a pet collar around their necks, so it can be identified through its collar in case of a missing case.

Semi-annual Checkups

This practice is necessary with all pets. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible for pet owners to gauge what health issue their pet cat or dog is facing. To further avoid such issues, checkups should be a part of your dog’s safety. The frequency of these checkups depends on the pet and the kind of health issue they may face. Another advantage of timely checkups is that your pet’s vet can warn against potential issues that may be difficult to deal with later on. Hence, the importance of a checkup cannot be undermined when it comes to pet safety.

Water Safety

Another problem that may arise regarding dog safety during the summer season is ensuring dogs are well-hydrated. Putting a bowl of water may do the trick, but it is advised to talk to a vet if you want to include some electrolytes in your dog’s diet. Moreover, if you’re a family that likes to spend their summer days at the beach with your dog, make sure you keep a vigilant eye on your furry friend. Ocean water may be dangerous for them if swallowed in large quantities. Not only this, but the chances of drowning also arise at the seaside. Hence, it is recommended that all safety precautions are taken before a beach day.

Spaying or Neutering After-care

If you choose to get your dog spayed or neutered, you should try to care for it post-surgery. Ensure your dog is resting comfortably while ensuring they’re not damaging the incision site by jumping or licking. To make this easy for yourself and your dog, it is best to use a dog cone as it prevents them from being overly mobile for some time.

Bottom Line

Having a pet sounds easy until you find yourself responsible for all their needs. However, one must not feel overwhelmed by the care needed to ensure pet safety, specifically dog safety. The list above includes just some of the things you can begin with when keeping dogs safe. As such, it is not set in stone, and you may experiment with them, depending on what your pet dog responds to.

With that said, it must be reiterated that ensuring dog safety lies with the owners. A dog that feels safe in its surroundings and is fit in its health is less likely to be a cause of disruption for you and others around you.