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8 Tips for Camping With Dogs

Camping With Dogs

Camping With Dogs | Camping with your dog can be a great way to make memories with your furry pet. You can pitch a tent under a starry sky and wake to a beautiful morning as you enjoy the scenic views. However, camping with dogs can be challenging as it is not an ideal environment for a pet. Your pet may love the indoors but they may not be suited to an open environment such as that of camping.

Therefore, here are some important tips to note when you’re camping with dogs. These tips relate to dog safety, preparation and camping time.

8 Helpful Tips for Taking Dogs Camping

Get To Know Rules and Regulations

Before you plan on taking dogs camping, make sure you have read up on your chosen campsite rules and regulations. You don’t want to reach the campsite, only to find that your dog is allowed in certain areas. Even if you think you know the rules, make sure to read an updated copy. Some campsites allow dogs in leashes but have strict policies when it comes to dog behavior.

Evaluate Your Pet

Not every furry friend will be suitable for. Make sure you know your dog completely, especially in these three areas:


If you fear your pet is too aggressive or has a tendency to get rowdy at the smallest inconvenience, then not taking it camping is a better choice. This depends on the dog breed and your daily interactions with your pet.


Some dog breeds require more maintenance. Therefore, they might have issues with the campsite environment. This is especially true for long-haired dogs that may find it difficult to make the long journey. Similarly, your dog may love this outdoor adventure if it’s athletic, otherwise, it may become lazy which is not suitable for this experience.


A dog’s health is determined by its age and by the level of care. If your dog is a puppy, then it may not be in the best of healths. The same can be said about senior dogs who may not be so energetic anymore. Moreover, you should ensure your pet is in ideal health before embarking on this journey. Therefore, keep up to date with vaccinations and visit a vet before camping with your dog to rule out any health issue.

Train Your Dog

Once you have evaluated your pet’s personality,  it is time to train your dog for camping. You can do this by creating a camping environment in your backyard by putting up a tent at night and sleeping in it. If you don’t have a backyard, a local campsite or an open space may work. The idea is to give your pet a glimpse of the environment so it can adjust easily.

Instill and Revise Commands

Taking dogs camping or anywhere outdoors is can be a difficult undertaking for new owners. To minimize this risk, dog parents should be prepared. One such way is by practising commands and making sure your pet remembers them. Go over basic commands before taking this journey and reward your pet if they remember correctly. If they don’t, then you know what command to work on before camping.

Pack Efficiently

Packing efficiently may mean different things to different campers. However, with dogs, a camping trip requires basic items and equipment your pet will need. This includes suitable clothing for your pet, a food and water bowl, a first-aid kit, a leash and other safety products. Don’t forget to pack extra treats and water.

Follow Camp Etiquette

The general etiquette for open spaces dictates ‘Leave No Trace.’ This rule indicates that campers, hikers or dog parents, in general, should not pollute or litter an environment. Thus, they should only leave behind their footprints while taking the memories only. Even though this rule applies to all campsites, make sure you are aware of any particular camp etiquette laid down by the authorities. It may have rules such as keeping dogs on a leash or limiting dog entries till a certain point.

Take Care of the Environment

Please make sure that you pay extra attention to the campsite environment. There might be flora and fauna native to that area, thus, making them very important to the ecosystem. Avoid petting animals or clicking pictures as it may startle and scare them. As for your pet, make sure it does not get into a fight with another animal or does anything to damage its home. Moreover, your dog may get curious about a plant, but make sure to keep it away as they can get allergies.

Dog Poop

Apart from flora and fauna, make sure you don’t leave traces of your dogs poop on the campsite or anywhere near it. Therefore, pack ziplock bags or biodegradable bags to collect poop in them until you can dispose.

Post Camping Care

Post camping care of your pet dog is important as camping is a challenging adventure, especially if it was your pet’s first time. Make sure your dog gets enough time to recuperate. Here are three ways you can ensure this:

Health Checkup

Schedule a health checkup with your pet’s vet to rule out any issue such as dehydration, infections, parasites, or even contagious diseases that may be present on the campsite.


Make sure your pet is given ample time to rest so it can regain its energy. Give it some time to laze around or sleep at its own will until they are ready to bounce back to its normal routine.


If you’ve camped in the summer season, then you should ensure your dog is well-hydrated upon return. Keep its water bowl in sight and keep refilling it after intervals.

The Bottom Line

Camping with your dog can be made exciting if you and your pup are prepared. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you haven’t camped with a dog before. But with these helpful tips, taking dogs camping can become easy. Over time, you may also discover your own tips that work well for your furry friend.