How to Keep Your Dog Safe on a Hot Day’s Hike?

How to Keep Your Dog Safe on a Hot Day’s Hike?

Summertime, more than any other season, is the most popular choice for hiking and for all the right reasons. With the perfect amount of humidity in the air and a temperature that’s suited to strenuous activity, it does take the lead as the best time to go for an outdoor More »

Top Hiking Stretches

Have you ever pulled a muscle or twisted your knee or ankle on a hiking excursion? If yes, you must consider some tried and tested hiking stretches to prevent such injuries. Consistent stretching is one of the most effective ways to hike on tough trails without sustaining injury. Stretching is More »

Tips for Hiking with Kids

While some people think they need to hold their hiking adventures once they become parents, that is not just the case! If you are a hiking enthusiast with young kids, you can still continue your hobbies. Hiking offers so many opportunities for family vacations and outings. It will help your More »

Hiking with a Chihuahua: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to release some steam and go for an adventure to get away from your day-to-day life? If yes, hiking might be a good option for you! Hiking with a dog can be even more exciting. However, when it comes to Chihuahuas, you need to consider certain factors More »

What Are “Green Streets,” and How Do They Work?

Green streets refer to a sustainable stormwater management technique that comprises the features of the environment, such as trees, vegetation, rainwater, and infiltration methods. Street surfaces are transformed to help with stormwater management in cities. See what it’s all about. Green Streets Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the term “green streets.” More »

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Afghan Hounds

The elegant distinct-looking Afghan hounds are undoubtedly a canine marvel to look at. Their exceptionally long hair and robust body structure make them stand out in every crowd. But that’s not all about these alluring dogs. Contrary to popular belief, Afghan hounds are much more than regale, high-maintenance dogs that More »

7 Spectacular Spitz Breeds

Dogs come in so many different breeds, colors, and sizes! Ranging from Retrievers to Bulldogs to Hounds, there are so many dog breeds to choose from. One very popular type of dog is the ‘Spitz.’ The word ‘Spitz’ means ‘pointed’ in German. Most Spitz breeds have a pointed nose, a More »

6 Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Dog

All dogs crave adventure, regardless of their breed or size, and there’s no better time than summer to explore the outdoors with minimum risk involved. However, exposing your dog to a single activity, or taking them to a dog park is not exactly enough to keep them entertained. Hence, here More »

Innovative Ways to Clean Up the Oceans

With a significant amount of plastic being used and produced on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that most of it becomes a source of pollution for our oceans. From trash swept off by winds to beach pollution, there are several reasons why plastic finds its way into the ocean. More »

Here’s How Ocean Trash Is Killing Marine Life

Killing Marine Life | Imagine you’re in the kitchen, and as you reach closer to the countertop, you see something that looks fairly similar to your favorite treat. You grab it and gulp on it, and the next thing you know, you’re dead. That’s what it’s like for most underwater More »

7 Ways to Clean Up Your Local Streams And Rivers

Water makes up about 70% of the earth’s surface, which only means one thing. Leaving it uncared for is almost like digging your own grave and also putting millions of livelihoods at risk. While it’s not possible to reverse the damage already done, it is possible to do the bare More »

5 Signs Your Trail Is In Trouble

Does your trail look different from how it used to be when you first started hiking? Whether it’s due to normal use over a period of time, poor construction, or neglect, every trail requires funding, vigilance, and most importantly, maintenance, to continue catering to hikers and other visitors. Here are More »

Unclean Beaches: How Are They Hazardous to Dogs?

Unclean Beaches: We all love to take a nice walk on the beach now and then. For some people, it’s even a common morning ritual where they often take their pet along, thinking it may be a good way to help them rejuvenate. Unfortunately, the beach is not as safe More »

How Does Plastic Pollution Impact Marine Life?

Plastic Pollution | One of the biggest reasons that fish are often at the forefront of suffering from this type of pollution is that their food sources appear pretty similar to microplastics. In fact, their digestive system is often filled with white and blue colored pollutants, which shows how they More »

Here’s Why Your Dog Needs A Clean Environment

Clean Environment | There’s a common misconception among the masses about how certain animals are built in a way that they can survive under any given conditions. This is because we often come across stray animals living in below-par conditions, and we think to ourselves that it may be true. More »

How to Keep Your Neighborhood Dog Park Clean

Dog Park Clean :: Your friendly neighborhood dog park is surely a way for your puppy to rejuvenate, socialize and play. However, with all of that comes a good sense of responsibility. As a dog owner who frequently visits a public space that facilitates your pet, you must ensure that More »